Dry aged steaks - what are your latest go to butchers?

Where do you go for high quality dry aged steaks these days?


I used to go to Harvey Guss until they closed down. Eataly is good but too expensive for me if not on sale. I tried Alexander’s in San Gabriel once but didn’t love the steaks. It was at least a decade ago so would give them another try.

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Yeah my steaking world is in shambles post Harvey Guss… I have tried Alexandar’s didn’t like it either. Belcampo and eataly were two I had in mind initially.

I think @ipsedixit mentioned an affinity for Standing’s.
On my side of the world, I go to The Butchery.


Standing’s looks promising. Yeah OC is too far of a hike for me. Thanks!

Got these cut last week, dry aged rib-eyes from A Cut Above.

topped with lions manes mushrooms


Looks great, @xochitl! I’m a fan of ACA, and when I lived in LA, they were my go-to for good products like that.

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I have been to Standings a few times now based on @ipsedixit’s recommendation on this board, and I also highly recommend it. FWIW, Jared Standing used to be at Bel Campo (I remember working with him when I went to the Grand Central location).

A lot (all?) of the red meat is dry aged several weeks and has that nice funk. They like to work with and use up the entire cow, so they have a finite amount of each cut per cow. You might want to call ahead if there are specific cuts you’re looking for (e.g., the rib eyes tend to go fast).



The Cellar in Claremont and Chino have Prime Creekstone tomahawk ribeyes.

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flannerybeef.com - shipped to your door. CA Beef - aged 30 days - USDA Prime. As good as it gets. Dairy cows. Also great customer service.

  • caveat - i consider Bryan a friend. But I’ve been buying his stuff for the last 12 years and have recommended it to countless people. He’s now in a lot of the big restaurants in LA now. If you see Holstein beef, it’s from him. Some places just say Flannery.

Standings and Gwen

Butchery or Beef Palace are my go-tos, but Butchery for higher-end.

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At someones behest, I’ve tried crowd cow several times. I’ve gotten their dry aged wagyu and wagyu mix beef. It was pretty good, but not sure it’s worth it. They don’t have interesting cuts like tripe or sweetbreads and their tongue and tail aren’t any better than what I can get locally. Also, it comes frozen and their always trying to push their ground beef on me.


No where good at the farmers market?

both Marcondas and Huntington Meats @ Farmers Market have dry aged beef (they have the drying rooms visible behind the counter)

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Thanks everyone for all the recs. Wanted to do a bang-bang but alas succumbed to Friday afternoon traffic. Ended up just going to Standing’s and got a NY strip.

Was a little sceptical initially, grass fed, very lean virtually no marbling and fairly expensive too at $35.99/lb.

Simply seasoned with sea salt from Guerande and crushed black pepper, accompanied by $0.5 worth of 1/2 a bulb of sweet onion. Seared over cast iron pan and sauteed onions (finished off w aged balsamic modena vinegar) alongside the steak. Rested for 7mins and Voila, dinner!

Very nice piece of meat, nice dry aged funk and pronounced minerally flavors. Fat cooked up into a deep yellow tint characteristic of proper grass fed cows; butter like creamy with grassy undertones. Delish!!!

$24.83 + $0.50 + '01 Monbousquet


Wait Harvey Guss is closed !?!!?

He actually put off retiring longer than I thought he would

I had never heard of dairy cows being used for beef. Makes sense. Here’s an article about “factory” vs farm raised.

No tripe or sweetbreads is a complete deal breaker.

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