DTLA - Dinner w/Young Adults

Has anyone tried Macherroni Republic? I need someplace to take my oldest and his girlfriend Friday night. His eating habits are not super adventurous. We want to take them someplace cool downtown where the menu isn’t full of foie gras, uni and… You get my drift. It doesn’t have to be pasta.

Bar Ama? (really more of a restaurant with a bar than a bar with food) Tex mex, they have queso (melted cheese-yum!) really nice flour tortillas made in house

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Thanks I’ll look it up.

Little sister
Bs Taqueria

BS Taqueria could work. It’s coincidently in the former Mo-Chica space. My kids liked that place. It was cool looking, the food was good and they could impress their friends or dates without dinging the wallet too much.

I’m looking forward to going to Little Sister myself and Bestia is for Mom & Dad’s date night :wink:


Looks great. Tex-Mex fried chicken Mmmm.

I don’t know if you are driving but the cocktail with hibiscus/jamica is really good. ‘snakes blood’ just looked it up.

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Blue Cow Kitchen or Black Sheep

I’ve heard of Blue Cow, but not Black Sheep. I’ll check them out. The kid eats a lot of Mexican and might want a change. But Bar Ama’s menu looks so good!

Factory Kitchen

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great idea @Aesthete Badmaash is just perfect for someone like the OP’s son.


Is just being Indian alone adventurous? To
Me Bar Ama is more adventurous haha

I guess use what the phrase means. If fries cheese chicken and gravy are too adventurous I’d recommend not taking such a person to any restaurant ever.

do you recommend badmaash or the poutine at badmaash?

Baco Mercat
Agree with rec for Blue Cow Kitchen above

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Bottega Louie
Macheroni Republic
Church and State

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I get it, trying to be a hipster…

@Aesthete - They’d dig the decor and I love Indian food. But neither of them can handle too much spice. Kids these days :smirk:

Not too adventurous. But is the food super spicy? Because, they’d like the vibe of the place.

I don’t know, are things like cilantro and paprika considered adventurously spicy?

What is spicy in this context?

I can’t imagine anyone finding saag paneer spicy…or butter chicken samosas…or chickpeas with flour chips and sweet yogurt + tamarind and mint chutney, black lentils with ginger, garlic, and tomato… uh is garlic too spicy??

I am afraid this ain’t my game. If things like garlic and paprika are too adventurous for someone, again, I have almost no idea where to go eat in the world. None of the other restaurants that have been suggested are less adventurous in their spicing than garlic being “too adventurous”.

You could probably go anywhere and just request an unseasoned, broiled, skinless chicken breast I guess? I would just go wherever is cheapest probably… but idk where that is.