DTLA lunch today

Heading to LA auto show today. Any ideas for “reasonably priced” food in walking/metro distance? Colori and Cento closed.

cassell’s dtla

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BS Tacqueria; Ricebar both great and not too expensive.

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Little Sister Downtown.

I’m not sure in terms of walking, but I like to go to Coles occasionally. They have good cocktails, french dips and tater tots.

both not open for lunch today

Ack, well, good thing you’re here!

Tijuana hot dog cart, then flag down a Paleta cart lady.

Thanks, all, for the recs! We had a later start than anticipated and didn’t take the metro, so I just grabbed a hot dog from the cart for lunch (which was pretty good) and then we went to Little Sister for dinner. YUM!!! Pics and a (super brief) report later, but I thought the food there was just swell… Although it ain’t cheap.

Didn’t see her! Does she have a usual corner?

She’s usually by Staples towards the south entrance during Lakers and Clippers matinee games.

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At Little Sister, I’m not sure if any of the dishes that appear on both lunch and dinner menus are priced differently, but the average dish price on the dinner menu is higher.

Ah, that makes sense. We were ultimately fine w/ what we paid for what we got, so it wasn’t a problem.

Been wanting to pig out at Sari Sari