DTLA Ramen

Decided to check out DTLA Ramen near the corner of Broadway and Olympic last night. I am decently familiar with the Tsukemen and Tonkotsku variety of ramen dishes, having had it at various places in Tokyo and LA. But I’ve never had a chicken based version (Shoyu), and having missed out on the boiled chicken at Majordomo, decided to get it a try.

Started with the daikon salad, which was fresh and tangy. This would be a great intermezzo for those who have trouble finishing concentrated pork ramen dishes in one go.

As for the Shoyu itself, I went with the thicker noodle option and a soft-boiled egg. The broth itself was lighter in flavor and needed a bit of Sriracha sauce to come alive. But still very solid, with the plus that you don’t leave feeling terrible. The chicken slices were not chewy, but soft and flavorful. I’ll be back to try the pork varieties, as well as the chicken karage and gyoza, so I can properly evaluate it compared to the titans of LA like Tsujita. This location could be a good next-morning hangover cure kind of place! Besides the variety of appetizers, they also have sake and beer.

952 S. Broadway Los Angeles CA 90015


This place is solid. I live much closer to their other location (Benten Ramen) in the SGV and make it there pretty regularly when I’m in the mood for ramen.

Potato salad rocks.