Dtla rehearsal dinner

Need suggestions for a Downtown rehearsal dinner next May. 80 people. Full bar, private room. Would like a range of choices, but must start at sit down so no tacos or sausages. Price can range from $25 (before drinks) to Patina. Please help.

Unless you are planning on a buy-out, your options might be limited at that size of a guest list. I know Redbird has several interesting spaces for private dining but I think only one of them would accommodate 80 for a sit-down dinner. The downtown Palm also has some connected private dining rooms that should be able to accommodate that many (not sure if they open up into one big room, though). Going in a different direction, perhaps a banquet room at Ocean Seafood in Chinatown.

Try contacting the new La Boucherie on 71 in the newly-opened Hotel Intercontinental. The space is set up for private events, and the view is pretty nice.

Drago Centro has several private dinning rooms but not sure if they can accommodate 80 without buying out part of the restaurant.

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Ocean Seafood