Dubai recommendations

Hello! Wondering if anyone had food recommendations for Dubai?? I was thinking of doing the underwater Michelin restaurant. Any thoughts?? There is one in the Burj but the Atlantis one has better reviews!

Any other musts there?? Thanks in advance!!

Orfali Bros I hear is great. I’ll be going there in November, keep us posted where you go and post pictures please! Also, this list from Reddit does a good job for casual bites.

  1. Pak Liyari (Meena Bazaar) - Mutton Biryani
  2. Al Mallah - Shawarmas, Juices, Manakeesh, Falafel
  3. Al Rabbash - multiple outlets/Al Ijaza Cafeteria, Jumeirah/ Seashell Cafeteria for authentic cafeteria culture - Similar to Kebab Shops and Diner experience - Cheap food/Chai Karak/Crazy sandwiches/Juices/Shawarmas
  4. Ravi Restaurant/Al Ostadi Special Kebab - It’s just tradition now, they’re kind of the oldest restaurants around which had good food back in the day, but I consider them over rated these days. Nevertheless, do it, or you will be shamed that you didn’t get the authentic Dubai experience.
  5. Damyati Express Karama - Kebabs/Hummus/Lamb chops/Arayes - Levantine/Egyptian cuisine at a budget
  6. Allo Beirut/Al Hallab/Barbar - for a more casual dining experience - Lebanese cuisine
  7. Calicut Paragon/ Aryaas - Great South Indian Food India Palace/Delhi Darbar/Pepper Mill/Zafran/Grub Shack - All great Choices for Mughal/North Indian food.
  8. Al Fanar Cafe/Maraheb Mandhi - Emirati/Yemeni Cuisine
  9. Belgian Beer Cafe - good pub food + Decently priced drinks
  10. Time Out Market Food Hall - This place let’s you sample all the fairnly new eateries that’s “hot” in Dubai, it’s convenient since it’s located right next to Dubai Mall.

Orfali Bros was pretty good, fun vibe for sure and the brothers are great hosts. I’d highly recommend Tresind Studio. It has like 6-7 tables all facing the kitchen… a gorgeously vibrant Indian adventure. Also rec Three by Eva for brunch, Lowe, Allo Beirut- all very casual. Nightjar Coffee Roasters is a fun spot to hanf out for a bit if you have time.