Duck buns (Cantonese) in the SF Valley?

Anyone know the best place (or just a really good one :)) to get these in the SFV? Have tried A&W and Sam Woo (though the latter doesn’t have bao). Both not bad but not great.


Maybe Take A Bao in Studio City?

Pardon my ignorance. What is a Cantonese Duck Buns?
I Googled the term. Under image, it is mostly just Peking duck with steamed buns.
Definitely not Cantonese!
As for my Peking Duck, I prefer the version served with steamed tortilla.

Peking duck is not Cantonese?

Generally, roast duck bun.


And try not to offend half of China.

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Random thought: Why the hell is it still called “Peking Duck”, and not “Beijing duck” ?

It’s 2017! These aren’t the days of Turandot anymore. None shall sleep until this is rectified.

Same reason “Saigon” is still in our lexicon.


H-cow - lighten up. It’s an honest question. Enlighten us.

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they are to me:

yes, i know its not benjamino gigli or jussi bjorling.

I’ve learned more geography from eating than I ever did in school.

I’ve learned more about food from studying geography than I ever did in school.

Sam Woo is the one i’ve enjoyed