Dudley Market Breakfast

I love breakfast and am always looking for somewhere new to try.

<Had a very enjoyable breakfast with my son this morning at Dudley Market in Venice.
I had the Roasted Kale and eggs, polenta, harissa vin and avocado, so tasty and fresh $12. My son had the Soft Shell Crab Omelet with piquilllo peppers, frisse and avocado,buttery and perfectly cooked $18. Very mellow setting. Nice service. Highly recommended…


It looks pretty fucking dope. For some reason, I keep thinking it’s the defunct Restaurant 5 Dudley.

Where’s the fucking location ???

Thanks man. It sounds good.

And if egg slut opens nearby. Then it’s double fucking trouble.

Wiener do they happen to serve fucking drunks ???

I mean: drinks.

My fucking bad.

It’s on Dudley Ave, Just off the the Venice Boardwalk and a few blocks south of Rose Ave. Beer and Wine only. It’s a nice place.

Wienr, is this the fucking joint that the chef from the Barnyard joint in Venice is cooking at now ???

thanks man. if you happen to know.

that would be fucking dope.

Yes you are correct chef Jesse Barber.

dope. thanks man.

just needed the fucking confirmation.

weinermobile: concur with you about this dish.
will return for this dish alone.

So glad you enjoyed…I think it’s a really nice place…

i’ll hit that shit up shortly.

maybe a weekend brunch or some shit.

and then hit up some beers along the fucking boardwalk.

also, gotta say that i enjoyed the caponata hash today.

it’s so rare that anyone can deliver two warm perfectly poached eggs.
over the hash, they were a real treat.

i’ll have to hit that shit up soon, sounds fucking dope, and veggie friendly.

and then beers from on the waterfront.

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