Dukes La Jolla

Anything yet, I haven’t heard much. Plummie?

I hear that it will open Monday

Aloha. .
Word is Monday, November 16th…ran into last minute permit issues.
Duke’s statue is adorned with leis…
First thing I do while in Waikiki, is go and put a plumeria lei or flower at the beloved Duke at the beach.

Place looks fantastic and this will be like no other Duke’s…
Chef Sinsay is putting a lot of aloha into the menu.

Can’t wait to hold court up on the patio with my posse. .



Those Poke tacos sound really good. My old stand by is the Dukes Burger then a sliver of Hula Pie.

Duke’s La Jolla is open for business. .
Great place for aloha happy hour!

:palm_tree: :tropical_drink:

Question is, aside from the great view, what’s really worth spending time here beyond cocktails?

Aloha Dr. Chow!
Looks like Chef Sinsay, of Duke’s LJ, is adding a lot of his Aloha style with the menu.
I only go to Duke’s, in the islands and its a solid choice for drinks, poke and other fresh fish options, along with a great everyday HH…plus, the Hula pie is nice to share too.


This is really quite the place. The whole area that used to be outdoor tables and trees is now enclosed in the overall structure and feels like the entrance to a museum. The architecture is clean, maybe a little too squeaky for my taste, but nice. The view is great, but only if you get a table right next to the outer railing on the patio(s). The downstairs is nicer and more “formal”, relatively; the upstairs is more laid back and more exposed to the elements, in the outside part.

We only had cocktails this time. Service was very friendly and fast. The “Black Salt Bloody Mary” was excellent, a spicy punchy mix and with tasty toppings. The “Mango Old Fashioned” was well balanced, not sweet, and subtle. A nice variation on this theme.

My DH companion and I both thought it was a nice place with a decent view (or outstanding, if you get a good table), and good cocktails. I do plan to return and try the food.

P.S. I didn’t realize that there was a direct business connection between Duke’s and Jake’s in Del Mar. Interesting.

Now I know how much you pay attention to BeachChick’s posts. LOL

OK, Maybe I’m getting old or something, but I’m not getting what your reply meant.

Beachchick mentioned many times when reporting on the future Duke’s that they were part of the T S Restaurant group, which included Jake’s Del Mar, a number of other Duke’s and Hula Grill restaurants in California and Hawaii, Keoki’s Paradise in Kauai, Leilani’s in Maui, etc. So, I was joking that you had her on ignore or something. LOL

Oh, OK. Somehow I missed the Jake’s part…

Easy to do - sort of an outlier in the group. But the Kona Pie is there…

Has anyone been who has actually tried the food at Dukes? Hoping to get there with an expecting wife who will unfortunately have to miss out on some of the liquid aloha…

Just a followup- we’ve been twice for lunch. The buildout and space is incredible. Definitely my favorite on that stretch. We’ll see if the new Hake build surpasses it.

As for the food and drinks…it’s kinda what you would expect from Dukes. Wish they stepped it up to the quality of the buildout. Cocktails are priced high and low octane.

One standout is the Plate Lunch special. Love it. Fish, rice, kimchee mac salad. Tasty, filling, and I have to think one of the better deals on the menu.

Great, thanks for the feedback.