Dungeness Crab 2017

Ranch 99 is having a weekly special on live Dungeness crab until Wednesday this week. $6/lb., and I believe they will steam it for you.

Whole Foods is currently $9.99/lb. for fresh, pre-cooked.

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Real question: wtf do people do with pre cooked dungeness? Treat same way as king crab legs? Ie just break up and eat?

I would not buy Dungeness Crab from them, unless one enjoys living dangerously. Or just not living at all for very long.

Why not?? It’s from out northern neighbors’ coastal waters.

Pretty much. A lot of times it’s watery and salty when bought from supermarkets.

My favorite restaurant Dungeness is R&G salt and pepper crab. I crave it this time of year, so many happy family memories. Does any place in L.A. do anything similar?

Little Tokyo market (Formerly known as Woori market) has them for 7.99 a pound this week. And they will steam them as well.)


Not as cheap as I hope it will get as the season continues, but the crabs I’ve gotten from there have always been pretty lively, and tasty.

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We learned some years ago that a lot of grocery store precooked crab is subpar. The WF in Reno gets them in precooked. Trucked in. Not in SoCal but Sonoma Market in Sonoma gets them in live and cooks them. They are terrific.

I don’t trust any live/fresh seafood from Ranch 99.

My well-being is worth more than +/- $3.99/lb.

Anyone know any good Typhoon Shelter Crab and Singapore Chilli Crab in LA/OC area? Dungeness of course.

I regret not going to Starry Kitchen for their chilli crab. Heck I’ll take that chili sauce with shrimp or fish over rice.

I would call Seafood Paradise in Rosemead.

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Have you seen or heard any indication of problems? I respect your opinion.

Do you buy live seafood anywhere?

The tanks always look a bit dank to me, so I’ve never actually bought live seafood from a market, except lobster once at Whole Foods. But that’s a whole nother story.

Seafood Paradise in Rosemead.

Or IMP, but that’s not open to the general public.

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I saw that Quality Seafood in Redondo Beach is celebrating the Dungeness season with a special this weekend.

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Gotcha. I thought Seafood Paradise was a restaurant. I dread the 10E.

Its not anywhere as good as cooking live crabs, but I sometimes shell it for Crab Louis.

Crab is still safe to eat in Japan…


@J_L, droooool. LOL. :smile: :star_struck: That looks amazing!

Tell me you’re opening a secret pop-up restaurant that just sells that Japanese Crab Roe & Meat plate. :slight_smile: