Dunsmoor - Glassell Park

I enjoyed my dinner, it’s very much like hatchet hall.

highlights were the scallops, baby albacore, ham, cornbread, and quail.


bay scallop - delicatessen-style, smoked trout roe

baby albacore, young ginger root relish, shallot

blue crab salad, she crab-style

baked broadbent’s country ham, cane butter

wood-roasted pacific oysters, mullet roe butter, chive

sour milk cornbread, white cheddar, hatch chili, cultured butter, honey

bandera quail, pepper jelly, summer savory

peach pie

Tidy graffiti work! Gotta applaud the clean handstyle.


Turning a space that had been vacant for decades into a restaurant causes homelessness, right.

The point of the gentrification spear is bohemians, who make the neighborhood attractive to yuppies, who create a market for upscale businesses such as this one.

I’m glad someone else caught this.

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Warrior: Winner winner! This is the best restaurant north of the 5 (except Morihiro). They are doing everything right. All the dishes we tried are well conceived and well executed. Ingredients are excellent, especially the heirloom tomatoes, the sweet bay scallops, and the albacore. Interesting wine list focused on lesser known (and/or less expensive) regions. Also love their apple cider by the glass.

Peony: I really enjoyed the meal tonight. The restaurant exceeded my expectations because we haven’t had much luck visiting new restaurants this year. We got to sit in the wine bar while waiting for our seat. It was a good experience. I can’t quite identify the style of the food, but all the dishes taste interesting and original, and the flavor and texture combinations work really well. I think the chef has a good palate.


Was anyone banging on the windows screaming about gentrification while you ate?


Nope, no issues.


Baby albacore ?

I’d say Brian Dunsmoor’s style is Southern influenced, cooked over wood coals, with seasonal ingredients. Loved his food when he was at Hatchet Hall, and I’m glad he’s got his own place now!


so you want them to leave


So for $11 you get three half slices of bread?

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Delete because I don’t want to disrupt the focus on Dunsmoor.

Deleted, as in response to a deleted post.

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Was the place super empty?

No it was completely full at 9 pm.

Good to hear: was looking for reservations the other day and it was wide open.

Looks like four half slices. They were really good, as was the butter. The butter they used is pretty expensive: $22 a pound whereas ordinary supermarket butter is closer to $4 a pound.

They also individually heated everyone’s slices of bread in the brick oven before serving.

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My guy, enough! There are so many places on the Internet to debate politics, gentrification, homelessness, covid etc. We all have our own parochial concerns, but without even addressing this particular issue, please stop hijacking threads with whatever hobbyhorse, political stance, or provocation. I really do enjoy and learn from your food posts (and appreciate the effort and thought), but this extra stuff is tedious, unnecessary, and all too frequent.


I don’t disagree. Like I said, I deleted the post before someone decided to repost it. I am just responding to a question posed to me.

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