Early Dinner + Cocktails in Rain in Westside

Like the title says, but cocktails are very important for this one. That rules out quite a few delicious things.

My working list is:
Father’s Office CC
Lukshon (whatever, I like it, stop judging me)
Hinoki and the Bird
Terra at Eataly

Suggested Accomplice/Little Fatty and got a lukewarm response.

I am paralyzed by TOO MANY choices.
Any strong feelings from the Illuminati?


some more choices for your paralysis:
hatchet hall


Sadly, Felix is a pipe dream because this is last minute.

Hatchet Hall might could work. Is their cocktail game still strong? I haven’t been in abut a year.

I like Cassia, too. Hmmm.

Damn it! This isn’t helping!

Little Fatty / Accomplice bar


F.O… (just went again recently & really the food is still on point)

I think @PorkyBelly mentioned Charcoal -a great place to sit at the bar and eat / drink. Not too fussy, locals are friendly, good bartenders great food. If i feel like snacking or splurging I’m treated just as well here.


Yeah. I should have just made it happen for Little Fatty, but I opened it up for comment and buddy wasn’t feeling it.

Thanks, friends. I shall grit my teeth and deal with the embarrassment of riches.

Depending how early your dinner is you can probably get seats at the bar or communal table.

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Roberta’s will be really crowded I fear - givent hat most of the plac eis outdoors. And I love Lukshon, FWIW.
Hinoki is a great choice too.


Little Fatty was the first place that came to mind, given the last minute situation and the weather.

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Plus a noice happy hour (till 7p - bar only, I think).


Tar and Roses also but I haven’t been since their fire.

Additionally, there is a new place in venice called wallflower that does upscale indonesian. I haven’t been but my friend recommended it highly to me. From yelp it looks like they have a pretty mean cocktail game.

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The Rooster


Well this post worked out very bigly.

Something about the rain has us feeling the basement-like feel of Sotto.

But we already have a nice rotation planned out for the next few time.

The Rooster and Wallflower are both new to me and look incredible.

Thanks, everyone!

Hatchet Hall makes great drinks, plus there is the old man bar which is so cozy.


Oh man I didn’t realize this actually opened. Gotta check it out

You know, still haven’t done the Old Man Bar. Gotta do that soon.

It ain’t cheap. From the same people as Cora’s Coffee Shop and The Brentwood Restaurant and Lounge.

Partner and I went there for brunch this past weekend. Food was good, interior is amazing. I can’t say it was HORRIBLY overpriced, but it’s not a place we’re dying to go back to. Might be different from just drinks and snacks, though.

Also, they charge a mandatory 20% gratuity but then still leave a line for tip, which was… confusing.