East Buffet Replaces Kome Buffet in Industry

Well, the experiment with high quality, wide variety, authentic Chinese buffet food has failed, with the replacement of Kome Buffet with East Buffet in the former City of Industry Claim Jumper building at 18061 E. Gale. East Buffet has none of the features which had made Kome Buffet so tantalizing–high quality cook to order stations, a wide selection of dim sum and sushi, and specialties like herbal chicken soup and on choy. Since the space had been remodeled not much more than a year ago, this remains a very pleasant place to dine. And the cook to order meat grill, which includes steak, jumbo shrimp and squid is unique in Los Angeles area Chinese buffets. But with average tasting food at best, and a weekday lunch price of $12.99 (same as Kome, probably the best indication of why Kome failed), unless you want to load up at the meat grill, don’t bother stopping here and keep going east until you hit Hong’s Buffet in Chino Hills.

Yeah, I was just there yesterday for lunch. The space does look really nice.