East Noodle Village Opens in Yogee/85 Location

After many months of being vacant, East Noodle Village has opened up at 85 Chrystie St. Yogee, and then 85 were among the top Cantonese restaurants in NY Chinatown and it was sad and a little surprising to see them shut down. East Noodle Village does pay homage to its predecessors with the rice noodle roll and fried fish skin items on the menu.

It should also be noted that a few steps away on Grand St., Natalie Bakery is now Harper’s Bread House.


Despite the resurrection of East Noodle Village it seems that Chinatown these days is slowing seeing a pronounced gentrification trend.

From places like Fung Tu to Mr Fung to August Gathering to all those Taiwanese boba shops and Thai ice cream stores.

These are the kinds of posts I used to love on Chowhound. Thanks for the info!

ipse, gentrification is affecting Manhattan as a whole, plus neighborhoods near Manhattan in Brooklyn and Queens, because housing prices and commercial rents have gone through the roof. It makes things difficult for long-term residents in rent stabilized apartments to continue to afford to eat out, but it’s in no way unique to Chinatown.

No disagreement here.

Was simply referring to a point @chandavkl discussed previously in one of his articles.

Does the new incarnation still have casseroles and standards like meicai kou rou (梅菜扣肉) etc.?