Eat well in nj, why not

Moved from nyc 16 yrs ago… it has taken time but we’ve found several great places to eat … w/o driving back into the city! Should I keep them to myself? Maybe…

I don’t get to NJ often (except passing through to get to EWR from Manhattan), but I do like Bucket & Bay for their Red Eye Gelato. Black label vanilla is also very good. But the coffee flavor in the Red Eye is very well balanced.

And I still contend that Garden State Diner in Terminal C (United) at EWR serves a mighty fine burger, in or out of an airport.

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[quote=“kmswaine, post:1, topic:3452”]
Should I keep them to myself? Maybe…
[/quote] Why bother to post if you don’t want to share?

New here… not sure how to do this… yes we have found some excellent food in central nj. 1. Eno terra. 2. Due Mari. 3. Wasabi House 4. The burgers at Triumph, the best brewery around, great beers! 5. Catherine Lombardy still looking for great pizza… for that I go to staten island!

Now we’re talking. Thanks :slight_smile:.