Eataly Eats

Breakfast of champions at Il Pesce.

2 giant Gamberi Rossi aka Carabineros. Steal at $24 for 2. I paid twice as much in Spain for these size behemoths. So good I got 2 orders.

Grilled montauk local squid also amazing.

Broiled sardines just okay.

Octopus is also very good but the squid is better.


Are you going, or planning to go, to Esca?

I’ve always felt that Il Pesce was the step-child in the B&B boys’ restaurant empire, esp. when it comes to fresh seafood, which Esca really excels at.

Funny, I always thought that about Esca when in the company of Lupa and Babbo. Even the tartuffo and belini I thought was a step down from Lupa.

It’s all about the gamberi rosso with Il Pesce.

Reason I say that is Il Pesce and Esca share an executive chef.

Tough to compare the two because one is a full restaurant and the other is more or less just a counter/food stall at Eataly.

Hope the upcoming LA version has Carabineros also.

as usual great pix