Eater: A Guide to Chinese Regional Restaurants in the Bay Area

No mention of Great China or Chef Yu’s under Shandong, no mention of Korean-Chinese, Peking is not in Shandong.

I like Chihuo as a resource; here’s a Sichuan compendium for SF:

Chinese language only

“Chihuo is one of the most influential Chinese food and lifestyle communities found by the University of Southern California alumni in 2011.”

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“One Province, One Flavor | Food Map of the Chinese Provinces in the Bay Area! Eat all over Sichuan, Hunan, Guangxi, Shaanxi, Beijing, Shandong, Zhejiang, and Jiangxi”

I think they put Great China under Peking because their Peking Duck with Chun bing is popular there.

hunan impression not on here? garbage

There is inconsistent use of romanized (Peking) and pinyin-based (Sichuan) place names in the article.

Even thoiugh Great China is fundamentally Korean-Chinese / Shandong, their Peking duck is pretty good, as is their mei cai cou rou (Hakka).

Must admit not a fan of Wojia, although I know it gets a lot of love from its fans. The fried mochi balls were too sweet for our tastes, and although the group ordered a lot of dishes, we thought they were on the whole, ordinary. Good, but nothing remarkable or memorable enough to return for.

But I will confess, spouse and I are lovers of classic Cantonese, since he’s from Hong Kong. There’s only a few Northern/Western Chinese dishes we search for.

FYI, lovers of green onion pancake might want to try it at New Dumpling/El Cerrito. They used high quality flour and the circular pressing of dough on the griddle. Makes a huge difference in quality and execution - although one caveat, that was pre-pandemic so we haven’t been back since.