Eater on "PS Terminal" in Where to Eat at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX)


Not at all surprised that LAX has a place like PS Terminal, just wondering how Eater LA generated the copy and how accurate the descriptions are?
Doubt the Vox Media budget allowed them to sample the “strawberry salads, jackfruit tacos, avocado toasts” or other fare that might “fill diners up without leaving them stuffed.”

Perhaps @matthewkang can help?

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not myself but some staff have been offered previews to check out what they have. They’ve probably sent me an invite to one of their events, you’re welcome to join me on the next one if you’re available.


Thanks, that’d be a “trip!”

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I see what you did there…

We ate at PS twice (departing and arriving) a couple weeks ago. The food is great, better than any “airport” food I’ve had, although I’m not sure I would even consider it “airport” food. During our departure stay, we ordered the burger and fries, shakshouka, breakfast burrito, and congee, as well as an assortment of coffees and cocktails. Everything was super impressive. We ordered soba noodles with salmon to go for after our flight, which held up well and were probably the best thing we ate. On the return, we ordered salmon soba and burgers again, as well as a chai tres leches and pumpkin tiramisu for dessert.


With that said, assuming someone from Eater got to visit PS, everything there is free, so there’s a good likelihood they got to try the “strawberry salads, jackfruit tacos, avocado toasts”.

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The article’s not a review. There’s no suggestion the authors ate at any of the dozens of places listed.

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Short photo dump from our P/S visit this morning:

(Will add some context after our flight.)


Well, that certainly LOOKS better than any food I’ve had at LAX…