Eating around Phoenix area

Headed up there in a couple of weeks and have my regular places to hit up…
Elote for the best damn Southwest food evah and they make a kick ass blood orange margarita rocks too.
Cowboy Club, Arizona Bread Company for breakfast/lunch with the dog…

Anything new that has opened in the last year?
Never been to Oak Creek Brewery…wonder how their beer is?
Barking Frog is new to me as well…


Spent a week in PHX and was going for a couple days up to Sedona but the weather was wicked, with intense thunder storms, flash flooding and a haboob…

So, did a lot of eating and drinking with friends, while the guys flew out to a College Football game…
Here’s where we ate while antiquing and going to Thrift Stores to sustain and dang, it was good!

Harold’s in Cave Creek…LOVE this place…best Cowboy bar and we had Modelo’s and split a patty melt with fries…
Ninth and Ash in Tempe…just great to have Oyster Rock, drinks, and go see the ghost upstairs.
Los Dos Molinos in Mesa…still kicks serious butt with a cheese enchi and a quac tostado with a Modelo back.
Postino in Tempe, next to ASU…great veggie Panini with side salad and a Bellini…they are known for their myriad of different types of bruschetta combos…
Wildflower Bread Company in Chandler is a solid choice for a half Turkey and Brie on Rye with a cup of Pumpkin Spiced soup that was quite good and great to-go and watch the football game.
Haji Baba in Tempe…Cheap and good for their falafel for $4 and Rose water Iced tea…Guys love the Gyros…

Hanging for the holidays in Tempe/Scottsdale , then off to the cabin but need a new place to take friends and family for drinks and apps for some Cheer…

We all love Durant’s but thinking T. Cooks bar, which I could hang there all year at the Royal Palms…what about Lon’s at the Hermosa?
Anything new and lovely?

Felix Navidad

Co-hosted a party of 60+ for friends and family in AZ for Xmas Eve and then sit down Xmas dinner for 16 with all the silver, Dorothy Thorpe glassware of every kind, gussied up to the nines and where you can’t put a dish or vintage glass in the dishwasher…it was SO much work but a blast, so really no time, to hit up any of our faves, except Haji Baba for their killer falafel with extra tahini and Rose’s Ice tea and then R&R for 10 days in the islands…

Hope all had a wonderful holidays!

Hi Plumeria, glad to see something about Arizona, but kind of disappointed there’s not more here about Scottsdale… We’ll be making our usual March visit for some Giants Spring Training games. It’s been a couple of years so I’d really appreciate some tips…

Here are some of my faves when I’m in town…

The Parlor…best pizza evah
Persian Room
T. Cook’s at Royal Palms Resort
Lon’s at the Hermosa
Citizen Public House
Café Monarch
House of Tricks
Los Dos Molinos
Kaz Bar
Barrio Queen
Haji Baba
Four Peaks Brewery
Durant’s…the best!!

Aloha and Go Pads!

Might be too hot when Spring Training rolls around but the Yacht Club in Arcadia makes a mean clam chowder. Good fried chicken sandwich, as well as the La Freida burger.

Love the Arcadia area and gotta check out the YC next month…
Gracias Ipse!

Just got back from Phoenix. Lots and lots of changes in downtown. Lots.

Got to Ima’s for a Mexican brekkie of chilaquiles.

The Larder for fried chicken skin po boys. 'Nuff said.

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Isn’t it amazing what is going on in PHX…
Shout out to their Chefs and restauranteurs…

Ima’s for brekkie and late lunch at Durant’s…sweet!

Anything new and exciting for lunch in Scottsdale?

Hitting up a late V day dinner at Durant’s after NYC…is that jazz club on 7th still around?

Just got back from a week of eating & drinking around PHX with a biz trip to NY in -22 below too.

Culinary Dropout…LOVE!
Avanti’s for dinner…outstanding…used to have a location in LJ back in the day where Roppongi used to be.
Los dos Molinos is awesome for lunch.

Durant’s…still the best damn restaurant …had the scallops that were sublime…sit in the bar with the red Naugahyde, strong cocktails and outstanding Roquefort dressing!

Had drinks at the Lodge to see my beloved Bigfoot…hit up Fat Tuesdays for the 151 Colada…

San Tan Brewery for lunch in old downtown Chandler for a girls beer and Cobb salad…solid…packed and love the old bank building but why do you all have dead plants and flowers in the flower pots surrounding the outside patio?
This bugged the crap out of me, all during lunch and fired off a letter to owner, when I got home.

This was a road trip with the new rover and had a blast and did a little bit of off roading…so the circle is complete.

Did hit up Haji Baba for falafels, Gyros and chicken kabobs with tabolleuh and hummus…

Headed out for 5 days of fun and sun…
Anyplace new that is worth a stop?

Riazzi’s in Tempe kicked serious old school Italian ass!!!

Bunch of us chicks took the huge booth in the bar…
Clam Linguini is sublime…their house salad on chilled cold plate with beets and the homemade blue cheese dressing…LOVE.
This is a must stop to eat and drink.

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Heading out to Phoenix/Scottsdale this weekend.

Was thinking of hitting up either Citizen Public House or Barrio Queen for an early dinner Saturday, then walking down to 5th for the weekly Food Truck gathering.

Any other daytime recs or ideas? Farmer’s Markets?
I saw the apple u-pick fest and the corn fest going on this same weekend, worth it? Debating what to do during the mornings/afternoons.

Good choices on both places…
Also, Buck & Rider. . Culinary dropout. . .The Kaz for drinks. . .Tuck Shop. . …Second Story liquor bar… .The blind pig.

Heard museum and Taliesan are good to do in morning.

Taking friends after Barrett-Jackson today for lunch or early dinner around Scottsdale…
Don’t want fancy pants! I’m buying…:tongue:

Delfarcos Italian Grocery…Tacos Jalisco…Barrio Queen?
Love, The Parlor in Arcadia.

Culinary Dropout is good for food and end with some wicked ping pong duals…

Whatcha got for me?

Had a fantastic lunch at De Falco’s Italian Grocery in Scottsdale on the way to Barrett-Jackson…
I had a half Portabella mushroom, goat cheese, peppers on a sub roll…holy mother of God…this was so good.
Everyone else had pasta penne, chicken pesto sandwich, Italian sub and Beef Cheese Philly style sub.

They all loved the food…long lines and it goes pretty quickly but it could be more efficient with the sweet older guy taking the order at the cash register, isn’t filling your drinks and takes away from the movement of the line…
Drove most of us OCD efficient denzines a little cray cray but overall, we got through it.

Ate also at Haji Baba…LOVE!! Best Falafel, hummus, Rose Water Ice tea.
PF Changs…when did they switch the lettuce wrap to iceberg? They don’t hold or fold to put the fixin’s in…got the tofu…good!
I haven’t been in a decade or two…when your friends are buying, you go.

Went to Native New Yorker for boneless wings and I had them with the ghost pepper chili sauce which everyone was like, ‘Whoa, you’ve gotta sign a hold harmless before you eat those’…:raised_hands: (whatever)
Could of had them 10x times as hot…they were good tho’.

Barrett-Jackson had some of the most ga ga gorgeous classic cars, I’ve ever seen…
It’s on Velocity tonight on the auction…saw my beloved 76 Bronco, 73 Targa and a 67 Nomad…oh yeah baby.:oncoming_automobile:

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Headed out for 5 days in Scottsdale…

Anything that I should be chowing down on?
Love me a happy hour too.

Spring training? Downtown Scottsdale farmers market is great, and there is a mission and restaurants all around.

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