Eating on the north shore (of lake superior in mn)

they say you’re not a real minnesotan until you’ve visited the north shore and come back raving about everything you found there. well, after 12 years in the state we finally went up in early july with a full van load. we’d rented a cabin for us, the brats, my visiting parents and the dogs.

the north shore itself is stunningly beautiful. lake superior–i don’t know if you know this–is very big; for all effective purposes going to the north shore is like an ocean-side holiday. well, if the ocean is too cold to go into (in july); and the mosquitoes will eat you alive the moment you emerge from it. we were told the mosquitoes wouldn’t be too bad in early july, very close to the lake (our cabin was all but in the lake) but this was a LIE: the mosquitoes were terrible. my parents–visiting from delhi–are still in shock.

we ate breakfast and dinners at the cabin and went out for lunch each day. you’ll never believe it but i’ve been writing these meals up on the blog (see below).

about 30 feet from the deck of our cabin on the foggy first morning of our stay.


as you know, god said to abraham, “buy me a lunch” and when abe asked when he wanted this lunching done, god said, “right before we get on highway 61”. this is quality content right here. now let me explain what it means.

our first stop was for lunch on the way up at omc smokehouse in duluth. it is unclear to me if duluth is part of the north shore or the gateway to the north shore. a friend who grew up there says it is both; another says that’s as maybe but the real north shore starts at twin harbors. whatever. coming from the south you pass through duluth to go up the shore. we arrived on highway 35 and after lunch took highway 61 the rest of the way.

omc smokehouse (the omc stands for oink, moo, cluck) is a nice little place in a part of duluth that may or may not be like other parts of duluth. i know nothing about duluth. we ate some reasonable barbecue there; it’s the kind of place where three generations of a family can be satisfied with the menu (well, if they all eat meat) and dogs are allowed on the patio. herewith the details.