Eating Purple and Raspberries

This May, to celebrate the Purple One… R.I.P. I’m gonna’ eat some purple foods & raspberries too. Please join in or just enjoy the journey.

Kimchee Fried Rice w/Purple Potato Chips & Noorook Koji at Baroo in Hollywood - on their last day before going on spiritual retreat. Isn’t that serendipitous.

Talente Gelato - Black Raspberry Chocolate Chip & Raspberry Cheesecake.

This one was an unexpected cosmic experience. Purple Cauliflower, found at Ralph’s Market. It started out lavender, turned dark, navy purple when steamed, then this wild fuchsia in the pickling liquid… Far out.



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Lette Macarons in Beverly Hills - Heavenly Raspberry and Violet Cassis.

Purple Salad - Made by me.

I think I had the raspberry one the other day… Sidecar?

Yep, huckleberry at sidecar

Acai Bowl - Ubatuba, K-Town
Their picture was better than mine.

Not a food. But it’s purple :smile:

Had the girls over. So I made a Raspberry Display… Corny?

Okay… I didn’t exactly consume this. But I thought it was pretty.

Someone brought them to the office. Delicious! I wish I had gotten a picture of the purple one!

Oh yes… Huckleberry.

Was the Purple One a victim of VIP Syndrome? Will we ever know?

I’m not an ostrich. But, I’m kinda’ trying to ignore that aspect. I really didn’t see that one coming. Naive?

Nor did I. But I didn’t see the Thin White Duke either.


I had to pilfer this @PorkyBelly

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I know. It sucks. Both of their music was so important to me.

at Ron Robinson on 5th in S.M.

Part of @PorkyBelly’s Weekend Bang Bang - Gjusta

purple sweet potato pie #purpleisafruit