Eden Silk Road Cuisine - Uyghur Style Food - Fremont CA

6 of us met for lunch at 11:30 this morning to try the Uyghur specialties at Eden Silk Road Cuisine in Fremont. This was a smart move on our part as our server, the charming Wendy, was able to chat & explain the menu to us in detail. This was a definite plus as some of the items don’t have much description… One member of our group has been here a couple of times but the rest of us have not had this type of food before. Our order came mostly from the Uyghur Delicacies section of the menu. We were very happy with our lunch!

We started with an order of 3 of the Lamb “Samsa” appetizer. Baked pastry cases garnished with sesame seed & filled with minced, very flavorful lamb. Also available with a nut & raisin filling. These are pretty good sized & 1/2 each was a nice start to our meal.

Next was the “XinJiang” salad, no description on the menu, but it’s thin sliced cucumber, red onion, red bell, tomato, cilantro & peanuts in an incredibly delicious spicy, non oily dressing. Totally yummy.

Wendy comped us an order of “Lampung”, this turned out to be mung bean jello strips in what tasted like a Chinese Black Vinegar dressing. Have had similar dishes in Szechuan places. Unfortunately, not our favorite of the day…

Then we moved on to kebabs:
Lamb, 3 to an order, very juicy & incredibly flavorful, delightful!
Ground Beef, 3 to an order, another absolute flavor bomb!
These are served with white rice & a salad that didn’t look like anything special but the seasoning on the salad was a total surprise! Loved it!

Next came the noodles:
We went for the Minced Lamb Laghmen & also the “Da Pan Ji”, a wide flat noodle with marinated & seasoned, sauteed chicken on the bone with potatoes, red bell pepper, chilies, & green onion, in sort of almost a curry sauce. Of the 2, my fave was the Minced Lamb Laghmen, hard to stop eating this!

Needed some more vegs so we added an order of the Dry Sauteed Green beans with an addition of some ground meat (it’s normally vegetarian). Beans were cooked perfectly & were tender & full of flavor.

Also had an order of Eggplant with Spicy Sauce, a little too much cornstarch but so full of flavor!

This was an excellent lunch & I would make the trek over there again in a heart beat! Getting there at 11:30 was very smart as it was full half an hour later & our server never would have been able to talk with us the way she did.

Menu note: They offer a whole barbecued lamb for $398 as a special order with a half day notice (so stated on the menu).

They have several private rooms off of the main dining area that would be great for a group meal.

Eden Silk Road Cuisine
39144 Paseo Padre Pkwy
Fremont CA 94538

The menu has a web site, but I haven’t looked at it yet so do so at your own risk: http://cn.herembag.com

Last, I’m doing this on my tablet computer & don’t see an icon to add photos so I’ll try to add my pictures in a second post… Maybe from my phone!