Eggplant Parmesan Sandwich

Looking for a really good eggplant parm Sandwich. I’m not exactly sure what I’m looking for, but I know I’ve had really good ones in the past. I’m just sick of the ones that seem really mushy or are just stacks of eggplant that barely seemed battered. I think the ideal one for me would be a little greasy with thin slices and some good batter on it…in addition to the marinara and cheese.

Ideally near Culver City. Thanks!

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Victor Jr.s.

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Yep, beat me to it – Victor Jr.'s. North side of Washington across from studio.

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I’ve been there. It was fine. Any others?

Vito’s on La Cienega (not the new SM location)

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How about Bay Cities? I’ve had their chicken parm, and really enjoyed it.

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agree with vitos.

I’m not a fan of Bay Cities’ chicken parm personally. The breading is way too soggy.

Had a passable eggplant parm at Hoboken the other day. Kind of meh, though.

Really need to give Victor Jrs and Vito’s a try. @ipsedixit, are you saying you’ve tried the version at the SM location and found it inferior, or simply that you can’t vouch for its quality?

I get their eggplant parm every time im’ there. But not in a sandwich, because I’m a grown up now.

No, I’m saying (or implying) that the Santa Monica location does not offer an eggplant parm sandwich.

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Gotcha. You transcended the binary opposition!

Wow, that eggplant parmesan at Victor Jr.'s is legit! Very flavorful and not too mushy. Really my only complaint was the bread, which was fine but nothing to write home about. Still, it was a minor quibble – I’ll be back to try the chicken parm too. Thanks to @Bookwich and @nosh for the tip!

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I don’t eat sandwiches; I deconstruct and eat the parts I like. Which is what I do with this sandwich. Eat the inside, ignore the bread. :slight_smile:

Glad you liked it!

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definitely prefer Hoboken’s eggplant parm to Victor’s but havent had it in a while!