Eggslut (Venice): A Pictorial Essay

Same great food as the DTLA location, except now by the beach!!!

Only a 5 minute wait this morning (though this will probably change)…


1611 Pacific Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90291


What’s in sandwich in the 2nd to last pic? :slight_smile:

Bacon egg cheese breakfast sandwich.

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Also a second-to-last pic question: what kind of cookie did you order? And was it any good? I’m down with cookies for breakfast :grin:

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Memory’s around the corner on Windward has large chocolate chunk cookies from Hatchet Hall. Their coffee/espresso is very good as well.

Edit: Menotti-'s - not Memory’s. Must spellcheck the spellcheck.

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Thanks @J_L for the pics and early review. :slight_smile:

Yah for a 5 minute wait? I think Eggslut is fine If it starts getting into the stupid 45 min - 1.5 hour lines at Grand Central Market, it’s not worth it.

The people watching in Venice is awesomely interesting, so maybe the time goes by faster…

Service here was very fast, and the line moved along faster than I had initially expected.

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Sea salt chocolate chip (asked for it ‘hot’, so they warmed it up, and the chips were gooey)… Damn good cookie.


[quote=“bulavinaka, post:5, topic:4633”]
Must spellcheck the spellcheck.
[/quote]I know. Spellcheck is getting suckier. I upgraded the iOS on my devices… Big whup. All it did was make me have to check my spelling more.

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[quote=“J_L, post:7, topic:4633”]
The people watching in Venice is awesomely interesting,

You say that like it’s a bad thing.

Well okay. Good point. My spelling and punctuation are getting worse and worse. On the other hand, I’m not a kid anymore and don’t give a sh_. I want someone or something to do it for me. It’s one of the beauties of technology. The other part is this. Why implement an upgrade that is less efficient than the previous? Gee, I have more to say on this subject than I would have figured. You never know what is going to unleash some hidden thought lurking in your brain.

Sorry folks. What were we talking about again?


hipsterfood: noun - victuals which are simultaneously expensive and wholly unremarkable. see: Eggslut.

F’reals doh. I had a better egg sandwich this morning on three day old bay cities bread. When I consider this was the same price as Qin West noodles which can change my whole outlook on the day… well, fuck this place.


Where the fuck did you come from? That was funny.

gee, making fun of “h*****s.”

how wholly unremarkable, he said, stifling a yawn and, well, yknow, remarking on it.


Not sure if this is old news or not, but we were at The Americana this weekend and I noticed there is an Eggslut coming soon across the street on Brand.

Yes, that’s out there.

Tsujita is coming to Americana, too.


Glendale location now open. Minimal line at 12p on Wednesday.

Bummer that cop wouldn’t let you in.