Eim Khao Mun Kai (Thai chicken rice) - Elmhurst, Queens. Any good?

Anyone tried this Thai chicken rice place in Elmhurst? Bit of a hike for me. Want to check the pulse to see if its worth making the trek. Pics look legit

If you do go, can you please take a higher-resolution photo of that great poster?


Will do.

I need to know about the health benefits of gizzard and liver.

This reviewer disagrees sharply with Yelp, but check out the review for E Noodle House in Flushing.

I wonder if they dumbed down their rice since the Times reviewed it? Doesn’t look the same.

Why??? :slight_smile: Surely you don’t only eat things with “health benefits.” ???

Thanks for the link, yeah pretty lackluster review. E-noodle house sounds promising.


Did you try some chicken rice? Was it good?

Hard pass. It was terrible. I was excited to see the whole chicken hanging by the cutting station (see pic above), turns out they were merely props. Instead the chicken pieces come from a steam tray in liquid/broth. The chicken I was served had been prepared God knows how long in advance. My leftovers stored in the fridge was literally rotten a couple days later. :face_vomiting:

Try Eat’s Khao Man Gai, in the east village. It was decent.

Thanks. So hard to find good Malaysian food in New York (and Hainan chicken rice is Malaysian to me, though I know Thais make it, too).