El Borrego (City Heights)

Awesome lamb pancita tacos. Unlike anything I’ve had before (lamb, or otherwise). Texture is like, um, a haggis stew but slightly more viscously chunky. If you enjoy offal, or even if you don’t, you owe yourself a trip here.

The pancita tacos, while not game-y, are sufficiently lamb-y (maybe even goat-ish) but go down rather smooth with just a slight hint of agave sweetness.

Carrot cake ain’t bad either.

El Borrego
4280 El Cajon Blvd
(619) 281-1355


Thanks, is this place similar to Aqui es Texcoco?

Similar, perhaps. But I think AeT is a bit more gentrified than El Borrego (at least the branch up in LA, never been to the SD location).

Although I will admit, I’m a big fan of the pulque at AeT.

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