El Chavo 2.0 is horrific

The hipster-y ceviche menu by “Ceviche Project” served one of the grossest ceviches I’ve had in LA (relative to Bigoton, El Coraloense, Mariscos Moreno, Morisocos Los Sitios, Mariscos El Pujos, Mariscos los koritas, ad nausea). Yellowtail with chunks of jicama, swimming in overly sweet pineapple leche de tigre, all served in a coconut, is NOT my idea of a good time when eating raw seafood. It was missing both acid and salt, and there were no other condiments offered to save this pile of rotting fish.

The tinga chicken wings lacked flavor that makes chicken tinga “tinga”, and was just plain overcooked.

The chile relleno came out lukewarm with the queso not truly melted, and had nary any sauce. I mean… this is a star chef right? from the Scarpetta? And these are suppose to be some abuelita’s recipe or some shiz? So annoyed.

So … white person restaurant?



Sounds bad.
But the Pig Ear Guacamole was one of my best bites in years.

Went this weekend on Bobby’s recommendation of the pig ear guac, but they were out (of the ears themselves, still had guac).

Tried the same yellowtail ceviche as you. Didn’t hate it like you did, but had almost the same issues, too much jicama and the leche de tigre was too sweet and not acidic enough.


Ordered the (pork belly) chicharron instead of the pig ear guac, and it was rather over-fried. Parts of the outer skin was too hard to even gnaw on, and the meat was very stringy.


I think they still have some kinks to work out. Freddy Vargas is still mostly working out of Scarpetta, I hear, but maybe kitchen QC will go up once that closes and he’s at the restaurant more. Likewise, at the small “Ceviche Bar” stall at the back of the restaurant was someone other than Octavio Olivas doing the ceviches, perhaps unexpectedly without Oliva’s oversight–he was in house but had to fill in as bartender the entire time I was there due to them being short staffed.

I’m willing to give both a shot based on my past positive experience with both chefs but maybe wait a bit before returning.

Wasn’t going to pay $11 for guac when I have perfectly ripened Fuertes sitting at home, with Carnitas Zamora’s chicharron a skip and a hop away from said home.

Are you carrying an LED light like Caroline on Crack?

rhetorical question.

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Do I answer rhetorical questions? Rhetorical question.

Actually, I don’t usually have a light with me, but I was at a food event earlier in the day and had a small light with me, so yes, for once I was that obnoxious guy with my own lighting eating alone in the dark at El Chavo. :cry:

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