El Correo in San Miguel

We asked at our B&B where we should get a chile relleno and they recommended this place. We ended up going twice as the last day, the restaurant we wanted to try was closed.

I am super pickly when it comes to chile rellenos - none of that gross stuff they serve at mexican chain restos in the US. This place had great chile rellenos.

They also had a decent selection of mezcal. The shot of homemade tomato juice that came with the mezcal was the bomb!

We tried the tortilla soup but I much preferred the cilantro soup or the mushroom soup we had the first lunch.

Service was very good and the next time we came, they greeted us as regulars. We never waited but there were times when folks had to queue up.

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Did you go to S.M. again? I’m so jealous.

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This was my first trip there. Have you been? We also went to Guanajuato on this trip and it left me wanting to return to Mexico!

I might be mistaken. You must mean San Miguel as opposed to San Miguel de Allende? Which I know you’ve been. Or are they the same? :upside_down:. Anyway, your pictures look delicious.

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We went to San Miguel de Allende, but I am lazy and only put San Miguel. Folks also shorten it to SMA but then I’m not sure if people know what that means if they haven’t been.

The food was very good! I need to post a few more places we went.

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