El Faisan y El Venado - Yucatan Thanksgiving

Stopped by for lunch today, I had the gracious owner-Angel curate a menu degustation. The Yucatan cooking style is quite different from the other Mexican restaurants I’ve encountered in LA; reminds me more of Cuban food. Additionally turkey is apparently a popular protein in the Yucatan region.

Worth checking out.

Cochinita pibil

Escabeche oriental - braised turkey, surprisingly flavorful

Relleno Negro - turkey topped with black achiote broth

Queso Relleno - pork cooked in a hollowed out Yucatan made Dutch Edam style cheese!!

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no turkey panuchos?

Try their salbutes next time.

It’s like a single giant sized nacho on steroids.

No, eating above my weight class today. Need a larger garrison to take on the myriad of other specialties Angel was rattling off.

A salbute is just a panucho sans beans injected into the tortilla right?

Salbute is a freshly made tortilla that is fried and puffs up. A Panucho is a tortilla that is griddled that traditional way, but as soon as it puffs, it’s pulled and cut to create a pocket. You fill the pocket with beans and a slice of hard boiled edd and then fry it. In Yucatan, you buy tortillas everyday. you either ask for just the masa to make Salbutes at home or the Tortillas de Panucho which come pre cut


So I mean, I feel like why not always get panuchos? They just sound like more badass salbutes haha


In theory, stuffed crust pizza would be “like more badass” pizzas.

But in reality, regular (non-stuffed) crust pizzas are usually better. At least for me.

I feel like why not always get panuchos?

Salbutes are great! One made propertly is tender and crisp and soaks up just enough of the juices of everything. I’ve always found panuchos, even fresh a little tough. But yes, both are wonderful!


Ok, so those two things are super well-known from the Yucatan at this point…what are the other dishes that people miss because they’re loading up on pibil and panuchos?

That eschabeche oriental seems like a good place to start. But if one wants to dive deeper still, does EFyEV offer anything more? Or anywhere else for that matter?

ain’t no shame. that’s solid solo work.

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