El Prado Bar doesnt have PBR (thank gawd)

I like the El Prado in Echo Park. We stopped in early for a few drinks before seeing Dale Watson at the Echo last Thurs. night. Was expecting a dive bar behind the curtain - not. Nice and simple wood interior. Wine and beer only- chalkboard menu. A select list of whites, reds, and sparklings - from California, Spain, all over the map…same with the beer. Matt, the barkeeper, gives generous pours, is very informative, spins vinyl - also good tunes, and when asked, gave us the scoop on the origins of the El Prado. Mello atmosphere early in the evening; picked up with more locals and some hipster-types arriving around 8pm (for the guy asking for a Bud, and then a PBR - this is not your place). All friendly.
Things to eat?- a very limited menu (looks like no kitchen here). They could seriously up their game on the cheese plate. Two so-so cheeses with flatbread crackers and a dollop of fig jam (we got a smaller serving than that in the Yelp photo, and no charcuterie) $10. We were hoping for something a bit more exciting to go with the Grenache blanc and Rioja we were enjoying. We’ll definitely be back for the wine and chat, if not the cheese.

El Prado Bar
1805 Sunset

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