El Primo Tacos (Venice): A Pictorial Essay

Because real street food is real good…

Before that hot carne asada burrito is wrapped up…

A tale of three tacos: Asada, pastor y suadero… All great.


El Primo Tacos
corner of Brooks Ave. & Lincoln Blvd. (Venice)
Los Angeles, CA 90291


Is it legit suadero? Like brisket?

Is the entire large boiling tin used for suadero?

Tortillas fresh made, or store-bought? They look pretty decent.

Why does the pastor in the taco not look shaved, just poor knife skills?

Suadero tasted legit to me. Indeed- like brisket. The boiling tin was multi-purposed for other meats too.
Tortillas tasted fresh, but admittedly I am not an expert on store-bought vs. fresh tortillas.
Shitty knife skills on that pastor. But the taste was damn good.

Interesting. What other meats were in the tin?

Looking at the second pic I think the sign says…Carnes:

I can’t make out everything but the cazo cuts tend to be buche,suadero,tripa,and chorizo. Cabeza/lengua is usually al vapor, which I see adjacent to the cazo.

This is a generalist stand. Any good one has:
-plancha/flat top
-al vapor/steam table
-trompo/spit for al pastor
-4 sauces (rojo,verde,avocado,pico de gallo)
-Maybe some type of escabeche/pickled of onions or carrots.

-On the spot fresh tortillas are 99% made by women. This stand appears to use tortillas from a local place. The appearance and the use of two tortillas gives me the hunch. And other masa based dishes are usually offered or verbally advertised.


Sometimes I’ll ask nicely in my shitty Spanish, “Cousin/Brother, can you mix the asada and chorizo together?” If they have Cheese even better if they melt it on chorizo or asada/chorizo mix.
The tripas you want those babies extra extra crispy.

In LA we are lucky to have both specialist and generalist.


Deckard: “Enhance 224 to 176”…