Elevated Tacos Hit West Adams - Bee Taqueria [Thoughts + Pics]



so if i go and avoid pork and lamb tacos i’m good?

Hi @Nemroz,

Yah on their current menu, avoid the lamb and pork tacos. Their Tinga Betabel (Roasted Beets, Queso Fresco, Chile Morita Taco) was our favorite, really great. Arrachera Asada (Steak Taco) also solid. The Shrimp & Scallop Taco was also fine, loved the crispy shell and Shrimp Consomme with it. Enjoy the Handmade Non-GMO Corn Tortillas. :slight_smile:

Spotted this colorful place while driving by, so did a U-turn to check it out. Arrived at about 11:45 am. The only other people there were four firefighters, with their truck parked on the side street. They were seated at a back table waiting for their tacos.

I ordered the media luna, lamb and steak tacos. I wasn’t as into the media luna taco as the OP. I liked the crispy shell, but there was a lot of other stuff in there besides the shrimp. It had a creamy consistency, which wasn’t bad, but the balance was a little off. I would have preferred less of the filling.

I liked the lamb taco. It had a lamby taste, and was fresh. I didn’t have the “day-old” experience of the OP. It had red onion slices on top, which served to cut the fat very well.

My favorite was the steak taco. Both this taco and the lamb taco were served on freshly made blue corn tortillas. The steak was in chunks, not ground or strips, and there was a real char on it, like it was grilled. It was tender and very flavorful. It’s a little steep at $4, but the quality was obviously there. The guac on top was also fresh-tasting.


Thanks for the report @lilmikey. We’ve been hoping they’ve improved over the months since we last went, sounds like they have; I’ll have to try them again soon. :slight_smile:

I enjoyed the lamb taco as well.