Elite Dinner

Dinner at Elite Restaurant in Monterey Park. Place was empty. 2 other tables besides us.

We had:

Conch and chicken soup

Squab. Always good

Typhoon style lobster. 4 lb Maine lobster. Cooked so perfect that the meat was succulent and tender. This convinces you that anyone who says larger lobsters aren’t tender just don’t know how to cook lobster.

Salt and pepper pork chops. Simple but so well done and so flavorful.

Loofa with konyaku noodles, wood ear mushrooms, and sausage. This was new for us and wow was it good. Loofa was the thin kind with ridges and a bit crisp and a bit sweet. The broth was outstanding. Highly recommend.

Not pictured was an egg white fried rice with dried scallops. Excellent.

Total damage was $225 with the lobster being 1/2 the price.

Dinner really is better than dim sum.


that squab looks so good. Is that one order? How much?

That was 2 orders. I think $12 per order?

For me squab >> duck.

squab/lobster looks amazing.

doesn’t 3 tables full for dinner service not bode well for the restaurant?

Not if dim sum is paying the rent. I see many Cantonese places that have middling evening crowds but dim sum is like trying to get on the Beijing Subway


places I’m not visiting: beijing subway


This picture is positively bucolic compared to the reality.
It is truly beyond belief.

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Both Elite and Sea Harbour are like that for dinner and has been for a decade (nor more) now.

I wondered the same thing but @CiaoBob has to be right about dim sum being able to cover the rest of the week.



Oh the humanity…

Elite is fantastic, i’m very down with the idea of dinner there. Usually we end up going to Newport

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“What’s everyone in line for?”
“Heck if I know but it must be good.”
“I’m on Spring break this month - count me in.”

Completely agree. Wish it was cooked by more places in LA/OC.

Squab at JZhou is even better than the one at Elite.

I gotta go over there, surprising its right here in OC…

Is it easy to call in the suckling pig? How far in advance do you have to call it in? What is the minimum order?

Give them a couple of days.

The minimum order is the whole suckling pig.

Go with at least a group of 6 so you can try the other items.

None of the high end Cantonese restaurants in the SGV are very busy on Saturday night. Not Elite, not Sea Harbour, not King Hua, not Shi Hai etc. They’re either flocking to the cheaper places like Tasty Garden, Mama Lu’s, Seafood Palace or 5 Star, or to the lobster places like Newport Seafood or Boston Lobster.

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If that’s not where they make their money you have to wonder about their incentive to maintain standards: in terms of paying chefs, getting the best ingredients etc.

I would guess pride in their work, and contributing something less popular, but still important and great to their community?

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Damn, well, not for me then. Oh well. At least there is still squab and pork chops!