Elite Restaurant - Best Dinner Dishes?

Elite Seafood Restaurant in Monterey Park - Hosting a dinner for 6 in the private room on Sunday. Because if small group, ordering dishes rather than a banquet. Minimum bill is $400 and so here is my chance to try some of the slightly pricier dishes - but not the $50pp abalone. There are so many unusual dishes that are not available at other Cantonese restaurants. Here us our chance.

Here is what we have thought about:

  1. Roast suckling pig - too good to pass up even though available at other restaurants.
  2. Live shrimp in garlic - take advantage of their live seafood tank.
  3. Steamed Live Fish - rake advantage of their live seafood tank.
  4. Peking Duck - they do it well, but want to try something not available at other restaurants.
  5. Roast squab - they do well, but again looking for a poultry or preparation not available at other restaurants.
  6. Lobster - suggestions for adventurous style of preparation?
  7. Vegetables - Need several vegetable dishes.

Suggestions for uncommon great dishes?


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Small crustacean food group: Check.
Large crustacean food group: Check.
Fish food group: Check.
Pork food group: Check.
Poultry food group: Check.
Veggies: Check.

Add some geoduck clam, and you’re good.

  1. Definitely get the roast suckling pig. Order in advance.

  2. Live shrimp. Any way is good.

  3. If red rock cod is available ask for it 2 ways: tail speamed and head done 3 cups casserole style

  4. Try the lobster with rice cake and sausage or with superior soup.

  5. The loofa with woodear, broth, sausage is good. So is the white on-choy with fermented bean curd if they have it.


Coconut chicken

Stewed sea cucumber in abalone sauce

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Great advice. Thanks. Went with:

  1. Roast Suckling Pig with cold jelly fish on the side.
  2. Steamed Turbot ( some large fresh fish)
  3. Steamed Garlic Shrimp. OK, but not as special as other times. Shrimp were kind of malnourished.
  4. Lobster with Rice cakes.
  5. 4 kinds of vegetable - great presentation - pea leaves, black mushrooms, 2 other green vegetables.
  6. Peking duck.
  7. Duck meat in lettuce cup.
  8. Golden custard buns.
  9. Served with French Champagne, CA Pinot Noir, and Chrysanthemum Tea.

Of course it was too much for 6 of us. But we will have some great lunches this week.


Which french champagnes?

Next time try Duck House. Also a great place for wine dinners:

  1. Duck 3 ways
  2. Fried duck bone (jowl and tongue)
  3. Buddha jumping over the fence (advance order, $230).
  4. Boneless stuffed chicken