Emails from SD CH posters

Who has email addresses from SD CH posters ? A few not too obvious posts on the SD CH board with indirect links to this board and direct email contacts will lure most posters over here

I’ve already used all the ones I have.

And they’re all here.

I have a few I can ping.


I may have some, I’ll see what I can find.

At least 2 posts in which I’ve made references to this board have been deleted

I’m here now.

You may try sending out another mail to the “chowdown” list just to catch idoits like me that deleted info on how to get here.

bes aunders…besa unders…that’s how I was reading your name, Bri…

Good to see you here RB!

Initials of first and middle name.

Back to the old days of the Interwebs when I used my real name, I guess.

It was rumors of BC being here that moved me over to this forum.

Si papi…

Go over to the dark side and get those 2 bums over here…tell them BC, their dream gal, is over here! :angel:

I exchanged emails with DC but at this points he wants to stay on CH (even though he seems mainly talking to himself)

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I tried to get him to move over too and he wouldn’t.

Did anyone have an e-mail for RhonelyinSanDiego? I did not.

‘even though he seems mainly talking to himself’. . .exactly.
Maybe he’ll get bored with himself and move on over here!

Here! Lurking at the back of the class.

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You made it. Thank you for coming.


Excellent - suddenly, this place isn’t as Rhonely as it once was.

[Speaking of bad puns, is Tripeler here?]

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Aloha Rhone!
Here was my post on CH wishlist last week…glad you made it…
We need chica, sledge (cstr) and the Dr. in da house!

Plumeria aka BC

San Diego wishlist…

Foodiechick…get thee arse over here Chica! :tomato:
Sledge… :crown:
Dr.Chow…Charlie :horse:
Rhône :wine_glass:

Anyone know if dantaat has made it over here yet?

No, at least not under the “dantaat” user name.