Emporium Thai Cuisine on Westwood, take-out was HORRIBLE. Must have been sold to new owners. Cannot imagine it's the same team

Emporium has always been a solid choice for the area. Nothing that would make me eat there instead of Thai-town if I had the time to travel. They have/had a Jitalda connection that they play up on their menu and website that always seemed weird - almost no connection food-wise.

But the take-out we did last night was some of the worst Thai food I have ever had.

Massman curry was bland and watery. The veggies were barely cut - gross, huge chunks of potato and carrot and peppers - it was like someone dumped a crudite plate into the curry - uncut and uncooked.

Pork Belly Prik King had dried up, incinerated, tiny pieces of pork belly and barely discernible pieces of green bean. Also little seasoning.

“Large” Shrimp Tom Yum (16.95 + 3 dollars for shrimp) -literally had 3 shrimp and was salty AF, with a little heat.

Pad See Eew with chicken tasted vaguely of Thai spicing - perhaps the only dish that did.

I tried to call to complain but they don’t take phone calls, just orders.



According to Yelp a “John S” is still replying to reviews as owner. A cross check on LinkedIn states that he has been the owner for 20 years.

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Perhaps he lost his chef and let a gorilla in to cook - forgot to mention the wife pulled two hairs out of the the tom yum soup.

Thanks for giving me the idea to post on YELP. That will get their attention. They were always welcoming in the past, and had decent enough food, so I can’t see how things could go so far off the rails.
I don’t need to order from them again. It would be nice to know why/how it could be so bad. Maybe they really did loose a chef (everyone has hiring issues now)? Maybe they had to be away or are sick and left the place in other hands (if they still own it)? It is very hard to describe how different the experience was from what we have had there before.

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Response from John from ETC (not FTC):

" I’m puzzled as we have the same team with the exception that my brother and my sister were out last night but the recipes should have been the same. I know we got really busy last night so they may be in a rush and nay not follow the recipe completely."

Sounds like with no management on-site it can really devolve.
He offered a $50 Gift Card but I don’t want it.


What’s ETC?

Yikes, maybe the same general issue that has befallen Tuk Tuk?

Emporiun Thai Cuisine, pgl.

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Oh, geez louise. I am not hip enough to put that together on my own!!! :wink:

If they don’t take phone calls, it will be hard to know if Sergio (or first-deg relatives) are in the house b/f ordering. Hmph.

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