English style breakfast sausage

Does anyone know where I can find English style breakfast sausage? The fat, stubby kind, not our American small thin kind. SFV preferred, if possible.



That photo looks delightful. Could you pass the beans and toast a little closer though?

Huntington Meats has English bangers. If you want to search the SFV, you may have better luck with that term rather than sausage.


Never heard of this and cannot vouch for it, but this looks promising-ish:

Besides their awful website.

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Looks like there was a place in grenada hills but alas has since closed

Not specifically bangers however this place offers an excellent variety of sausages

If you’re really desperate, I can vouch for this place. I believe they deliver. Best selection of brit sausages I’ve encountered and very good. Lots of meat pies too


I get my sausages at Schreiners in Glendale. All fresh made in house.

They are mostly German, but also make English, Romanian, British, other European… a zillion types.

Their American breakfast links are REALLY good. Thicker (and in casing) than what you see in markets and most restaurants but not like what you have pictured there.

I have called Schreiners the happiest place on earth.

BTW, they make their own bacon and Black Forest hams.


I have been searching for the same! My husband is Irish and we go back once a year. Well, not last year and probably not this year either. I love a good fry. The closest I’ve found is at Kitty O’Shea’s in Eagle Rock. It is tiny and there’s a little freezer in the back with sausage, black and white puddings and some rasher-type things. Not nearly as good as what you find at a normal Tesco but it’ll scratch the itch.

Kitty O’Shea’s Irish Imports
4692 Eagle Rock Blvd


i can think of a couple of pubs in woodland hills that probably serve bangers and mash. there might be others in the SFV. if they serve a legit banger you might consider asking them how they source them. i understand the texture comes from using crumbs from a cross between a biscuit and a cracker which apparently absorbs more moisture.


Correct. Its called rusk. Here are two videos showing how to make bangers, and how to make rusk:

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would any of these place have a good spicy turkey sausage?

Ah, I feel the same about Berolina Bakery, just to the north of Schreiners.



Aren’t they right next door? I’ve never been there but yours isn’t the first recommendation.


aren’t there two main types? lincolnshire and… i forget the other.

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Yep. :grin: They’re solid, especially with the Swedish pastries.


I don’t really know. You could very well be right.

“Bangers” is used pretty loosely for any sausage served with mashed potatoes. Some sausage nerds will claim that some usages are wrong.

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Thanks all. After poking around a little more online (primarily looking at menus for restaurants in England serving breakfast), I think the sausages I’m looking for are called Cumberland style sausages. The bangers I’ve had in bangers and mash have a milder flavor and smoother texture than the breakfast style sausage I’ve had. The breakfast sausage has a courser texture and a more savory flavor.

I think Cumberland sausage is what I’m looking for. Any leads on those?

the other was cumberland; those two are the most common, but there are others. IIRC lincolnshire has a lot of sage and is a bit chunkier. i prefer it over cumberland myself.

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How about mail-order? Or see what brands are available mail-order, then contact them and ask if they have any retail sources near you.


The meat in Cumberland sausage is supposed to be chunky rather than smooth and come in a long coil rather than short links. Lincolnshire sausages are also supposed to be chunky. But I think in the modern market both names are used pretty indiscriminately. As is “banger.”

Piccadilly Shop, 2013 Burbank Blvd. has frozen foods. They claim to be open after Buchanan Arms changed hands.

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Check out these bad boys. Not British but 4” long and nearly 1” thick.


Years ago, a restaurant I consulted for, used to serve breakfast sausage links with the casing and they were probably a half inch thick by 3 inches long. They were sourced from one of the food service companies. Maybe it was Sysco. I wonder if one of the food suppliers downtown that’s open to the public would have something.

So if you end up wanting American sausage, but thick not like those little links, probably search for 2oz or 3oz links.

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