Enter The Dragon - Striving for the Pinnacle of Dim Sum Goodness! Dragon Beaux [Thoughts + Pics]



Do they do takeout? I’m going to be in SF next month but with 11 dogs…


God, that stuff sounds like it puts LA dim sum to shame! BTW, I really like taro, too. :wink:

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Hi @Ns1,

Wow! 11 dogs?! Will you be taking them everywhere with you? :smile: :open_mouth:

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The best roast pork dishes I’ve had have been at Koi. Your experience here confirms that these folks know their pig. Like you, I was impressed with all aspects. And what really leaps out is how fresh and clean the pork tastes.


You had me at glowing fireballs…

This was a wonderful review. This place has been recommend to me several times, but now I’m convinced. Next trip north, Dragon Beaux.


Hi @paranoidgarliclover,

Yah, I love L.A., but being honest, Dragon Beaux (sans the Shrimp Dumpling) is just another tier up from L.A.'s best. It makes me depressed when I think about eating Dim Sum in L.A. now. :cry: :sweat_smile:

Hi @bulavinaka,

Nice! :slight_smile: Definitely give Dragon Beaux a try the next time you’re in the area.

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But it reads like LA has a depth and breadth that SF will likely never have.

Hi @catholiver,

Depth and breadth in terms of cuisines, perhaps. But for Dim Sum? I think Dragon Beaux has Quality, Depth and Breadth all in one place(!). :open_mouth:

Their menu is extensive, they have all the classics and they innovate on new items. I still need to try more dishes, but based on our visit and @PorkyBelly’s great reports, I think they are clearly tops.

But beyond that, I don’t really need more Dim Sum houses that are average or worse (for “Breadth” in that way). If one place can do it all, and do it very well (or even be the clear cut best), that’s all we can ask for. :slight_smile: Well, and that it’s right in our neighborhood. :wink:

After La Ciccia, consider stopping by Dragon Beaux and trying that as well on your next visit. :slight_smile:

In general LA is ahead of SF in depth and breadth. However for dim sum, I’m leaning to the similar, but unrelated Hong Kong Lounge I and Hong Kong Lounge II, as also beating any LA dim sum.


Yeah, I’m talking about pure #s not quality.

That pork belly looks amazing. Is that an ‘inauthentic’ addition to dim sum? I wouldn’t complain but have never seen it. I’ve also avoided XLB in dim restaurants as it’s Taiwanese but it seems like more and more dim sum places have added it. Maybe cause it’s gotten so trendy.

I bought a big ol’ Ford extended van for this exact purpose - rolling around with 11 dogs, buying takeout.

So…did you see any takeout? lol. Although I’m not sure that scallop shu mai would be great as takeout; regardless, I must have that in my life.


Koi Palace and Dragon Beaux’s execution of the standard har gow can be inconsistent, I don’t think I’ve had a visit where the skins did not puncture while being picked up, but other times at least the insides were not oversteamed and still had some liquid inside.

The mushroom buns are fun, where the steamed bun exterior mirrors the pattern of a shitake. The XLBs are gimmicky (though fun to try once) as is the abalone puff which is otherwise instagrammable food.

At night time, DB does Cantonese style hot pot (da bin lo) and is probably the most upscale and modern take. Expats may complain that it is expensive, but it is really good quality (Cantonese winter melon broth base is quite excellent). It’s like eating yakiniku, you pretty much pay per plate and it adds up. But it’s quite an exquisite experience, especially for the Real Housewives of Chinese expats. Plus you can’t really find da bin lo elsewhere, but you do have a gazillion mini regional Chinese/Taiwanese hot pot restaurants doing Sichuan/Korean style/Miso/Thai/Dongbei styles under one roof.

DB/Koi Palace does have a killer XO sauce though.

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Sorry to hear about the unfortunate har gow. Both times I’ve been their har gow has beaten any example I’ve had in LA by a mile - though of course that pork belly dish is tops.

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Hi @Ns1,

I just called Dragon Beaux for you: Yes! They do Takeout for Dim Sum. :slight_smile: Yay. I hope you enjoy your visit and make sure you eat it as soon as possible (don’t let it steam too long in the To-Go containers). :slight_smile:


You are a gentleman and a scholar.

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I’m picturing you pulled over on a steep SF street, attempting to devour the dim sum whilst fending off 11 inquisitive, ravenous pups.

If this happens, I’d really appreciate video!


No need to fend.

although it would probably look something like this:



Thanks @Bookwich. :slight_smile: I’m looking forward to your review and hope you enjoy your visit. :slight_smile: