Enter The Dragon - Striving for the Pinnacle of Dim Sum Goodness! Dragon Beaux [Thoughts + Pics]

@Chowseeker1999, next time you hit up Dragon Beaux for dim sum try their taro croquettes (or 蜂巢炸芋角), as I don’t recall mentioning these in your many reviews.

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Hi @ipsedixit,

Thanks for the recommendation! :slight_smile: That sounds amazing! Is it a dessert, or something more savory?


From the Dragon Beaux menu

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Seeing this menu makes me chuckle. A few years ago a friend, and former CH,was in SF with her adult daughter when we were also there. She was a vegan at the time - for health reasons. We had the stuffed eggplant which she declared the best. Only later when I looked at a recipe did I find out that it was stuffed with shrimp paste. We still laugh over that.

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Thanks @ipsedixit, ok, noted for next time! :slight_smile:

By the way, looking at the menu you posted, what is a Crispy Organic Milk Roll? Any good? Thanks.

It’s basically this, it’s OK, but not something I would get necessarily at Dragon Beaux.

I mentioned fried milk earlier here.

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Thanks @ipsedixit. :slight_smile: So what’s your favorite dessert to get at Dragon Beaux?

The fried rice!

And, the egg yolk lava bao.

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Dragon Beaux was as good as advertised. The roasted pork belly, crispy shrimp crepe roll and jumbo scallop shui mai were amazing. The best dim sum dishes I’ve eaten.

We ate at the Koi Palace in Milpitas 4 days prior to eating at Dragon Beaux. While Koi Palace is still great and an absolute madhouse with the best number/waiting system of all time it is a factory. The dim sum is good but not as refined. Dragon Beaux is a step above. Better than anything we’ve had in the SGV.


Hi @js76wisco,

Nice! So glad you liked your visit to Dragon Beaux. :slight_smile: Oh which of the 21 Teas did you decide to try?

I can’t remember specifically but it was an oolong tea. The menu shows 3 different types of oolong. If I had to guess I think it was the heavy oolong. The Tea service was very good and loved the way they kept the teas warm.

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Kind of an odd question, but can you get dim sum at Dragon Beaux for dinner? We’re going to be nearby tomorrow around dinnertime but are less interested in hot pot than we are dim sum.

Hi @Bigmouth,

Actually while most Dim Sum restaurants only serve it for Breakfast / Brunch / Lunch, Dragon Beaux does have a limited selection of their Dim Sum for dinner(!). :slight_smile:

I have not had it for dinner, but perhaps @beefnoguy can speak to the quality? I just know that for lunch it is good.

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Awesome! There will be only two of us so we won’t be able to try too many things anyway.

You think it’s worth it? Or should we really try to go at lunch?

I’ve never had dim sum other than for breakfast but if they serve it I’ve no doubt it will be good. The two of us usually get four or five dishes and we take home any left over. Lots of steamed dim sum MWs great.

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What do you mean? Do you mean is it worth it to for dim sum? Or worth it to go for dim sum at dinner?

I’m not sure it really matters, as the dim sum is not really going to vary in quality or quantity.

Personally, the only thing I would go out of my way for at Dragon Beaux is the fried rice. I often ask my hotel concierge to pick me up an order of egg white fried and pea shoots.

The dim sum, while good, I can take or leave.

This. My worry is, if we order it at dinner, the quality will be lower or the selection so small that it defeats the purpose. Will definitely keep the fried rice in mind.

Why don’t you call them?

I’ve never had dim sum for dinner at Dragon Beaux, since their bread and butter at night are the Cantonese style hot pots (which can add up if you splurge on seafood). When they first opened dim sum wasn’t even on the dinner menu, but either caved in to demand or they are trying to fill the seats at night. I see that it is a subset of the lunch selection and I’m sure they are decent enough at dinner, but really isn’t the focal point.

Ideally one would go for dinner to focus on the hot pots, but perfectly fine to snack on a few steamers for appetizers while waiting for the pot to cook, and finish off with dessert dim sum. At least that’s what the restaurant would prefer the diners to do, and not going in strictly for dim sum during dinner…