Epicure Imports - Closed?

I love Epicure Imports. Their semi-annual sales allows me to purchase European products at fantastic prices. The cheese selections and foie options are my favorite. However, I just received an E-mail saying that they are currently closed for business and all future warehouse sales are cancelled. They seemed to be doing well, and I’d last been there in July. They did cancel their September sale, and that seemed unusual. Anyone know what happened?

Oh No! I want just thinking that I need to make a warehouse run soon.

Fuck, where do I get my fancy french butter for reasonable prices now? I was going to re-up the stocks tomorrow.

The fabriques delices products were all garbage but it was pretty much the only decent (ie. economical) place to shop for butter and cheese. Damn…

Yikes, even their website says they are closed : (


oh man, this is a big loss

I called their phone number of out curiosity and found that it’s now out of service.

I just came here to post the same thing. Their website says:
“Please note, Epicure Imports is currently closed for business, and all future warehouse sales are canceled.”

I wonder what happened? I went to their last 2 sales and they were great. I wondered why the September sale had been cancelled but just assumed it was due to business needs…

On a semi related note, this thread comes up on the first page of Google search results when I searched for Epicure Imports. :smiley:

Its going to sound crazy but Ralphs has partnered with Murray’s Cheese and now has pretty great cheeses for reasonable prices. They also carry the Vermont Creamery cultured butter (86% butterfat!) that Epicure stocked, but charge an arm and a leg for it. I will really miss the charcuterie and my wife is addicted to the chocolate beads. Its a big loss.

Carter reports on that other site…

[quote]I did not see this posting and went over today about 1:15, and knew something had happened.;
Luckily for me, and others, I saw someone coming out from the building to padlock the chain link fence. He was the debtor in possession, aka the private lender. I chatted him up a few minutes regarding the bankruptcyi and learned that there will be a liquidation sale, probably in 3-4 weeks, and that said info will be posted on the website.
This is the 2nd operator of this place in the last 4 or so years, and neither could make it.
Sure wish some entity would buy the place, and open it permanently on Saturday and Sunday only.
Now where can I buy Le Gall butter, and I am sure everyone else has a similar question regarding their favorite items?[/quote]

Oh no… I just discovered Epicure a few months ago and have been waiting for the next sale so I could take my friend with me and introduce her to all their great food. :cry:

Say it ain’t so :sob:

Its so. I hate it. The last operator was such a great guy. A schoolmate of my daughter’s worked there on warehouse sales dates. Arrgh!!! Where are we going to get butter, cheese, and charcurterie for prices like that? Not to mention chocolate, vinegar (gravenstein cider vinegar) , and exotic oils? It was too good to be true…and it was. Crap.

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I’m another Epicure Imports regular customer sad to learn of this news. I read their closing email multiple times in disbelief.

Let’s be sure to post if any of us receives further notice of a liquidation sale.

I think they’re back in business DBA Epicurus Gourmet. Just received notice today, and it seems like they’ll serve businesses and regular folk without needing public sale days.

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Yes, but it looks like it’s preorder and pickup for select items only for now.

Epicurus Gourmet
Update for the folks on this tread.