ESGV Updates (Rowland Hts., Hacienda Hts., etc.)

Forgive me if these have already been mentioned, but…

In Pacific Plaza, the tofu place at the front (which earlier was a Pho place) is now Fat Bowl Tofu.
May 35 Food may be closed in the food court. It certainly was on Sunday.
Notice in window for upcoming 99 Tasty Duck in space formerly The Foodie (and a tea house before that).
Easy Earthen, Earthen’s to-go concept, is gone, to be replaced by Nha Trang Flavor.
In the same plaza @ Colima & Fullerton, Boba 101 is yet another boba place.
Also in same plaza, a space being worked on that looks to be another restaurant next to Honey Pig BBQ.
Space on Colima across from Puente Hills Mall to be Mo-Mo Paradise.
As I speculated earlier, New JJ has formally closed in Four Seasons Plaza. Space for lease.
In Pearl Plaza, Southern Gourmet has “closed for remodeling”
The former Guppy House in Hacienda Hts. next to the 85C has a “Just Leased” sign. No more info.
In the plaza on Hacienda with Malan, Energy Bistro has “soft opening hours” posted in 2nd floor space that was home to the last, fairly short-lived Liang’s Kitchen.
And, that’s just the plazas and malls I had time to get through.


Great sleuthing.

Great report. Southern Gourmet may set the record for remodeling. When they closed for remodeling earlier this year, I thought it was the typical remodel, i.e., euphemism for out of business. But in fact it reopened as Southern Gourmet–and as I recall, that wasn’t that long ago.

One other update, Xi An Wei has recently opened in Diamind Bar and looks promising.

Based on the address, replacing Hunan Restaurant.

Fantastic report.

I’m guessing 90% of these places will offer some form of boba. And probably a 2 for 1 special during grand opening.

Thanks all. Sorry I couldn’t manage to hit a couple of other plazas. I think I only missed 3 of the mainstays. Chandavkl, I recall your post on Southern Gourmet’s closure and my surprise when the same woman that greeted me on their original opening, came out and told me they were closed “but only until dinner.” Well, at least that day.

Really, really going out on a big limb there ipse :smile:

What’s interesting in the RH area is the number of spaces that weren’t formerly restaurants that are becoming restaurants. For example, the former Barnes & Noble across the street from Puente Hills Mall is being completely re-done and I have to wonder if it will be for a restaurant.

More update:
Green Island on Colima is replaced by Gourmet Fish (為食魚). Some kind of fish in stone pot.
Formal Osaka Buffet on Azusa is replaced by Pleasure Ocean Restaurant. Based on Chinese name, 悅海酒家, it is probably a Cantonese restaurant. It opened 2 days ago.
Noodle House on Gale/Fullerton Road is replaced by Shanxi Noodle House. Grand opening today with very limited menu. They do serve knife cut noodle though.

Thanks for the additional update teriyakichi. I simply ran out of time before I hit that portion of the area.

Another update

The Noodle is coming to Chino Hills.

Is this a branch of some other well-known place?

There’s so many new places popping up it’s just dizzying.

Greedy Cat, XYZ, Breadfish Cafe, Junkabok, the Attic, Happy Duck House, Mister Dim Sum, and on and on.

Like drinking out of a fire hydrant with a cocktail straw.


A branch, but not necessarily of a well-known place.

Think Sam Woo meets, lets’ say, Tasty Garden.

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Also a new Seafood Buffet in the same shopping center as the first The Noodle. East Seafood Buffet I believe but don’t quote me on the name. It is next to the 168 Market.

Same owners of J Zhou and Happy Harbour fwiw. The Noodle is not really known though.

I’m guessing @chandavkl is ecstatic just about now.

Well, I made the rounds and the plazas I didn’t hit in December were the most active (why is it there were only a few changes in several visits earlier last year and so many since November?)

Happy Duck House has opened in the same plaza with The Congee, S&W China Taste, etc. As you might expect, it’s a Beijing Duck specialist.
Across Gale, Jade House is gone, replaced by Greedy Cat. Waitress said not affiliated with Greedy Cat Taste.
Around the corner in the same plaza, Shanxi Noodle House replaced FFY Noodle House. Some deep Shanxi dishes on a menu that gives Shanghai No. 1 a run for its opulence, though many were whited out and manager told me they were unavailable because “not enough chefs.”
In Diamond Plaza, Genki Living, the closed Japanese dessert place, will become a BlackBall Taiwanese Dessert.
May 35 Food indeed gone from Pacific Plaza Food Court, to be replaced by Taste of China (more later).
I think that’s about it, but no guarantees and my report means everything will change by the weekend, so…
Ok, I’m tired and ready for bed.

It’s time to do a SoCal Beijing duck throwdown, Jim…