ESGV Updates (Rowland Hts., Hacienda Hts., etc.)

All That ‘N Dim Sum has opened for limited menu dim sum and congee takeout (for now) in Industry. Pineapple crust bun is awfully good as is the baked bbq pork bun. Interestingly it replaces Tai 2 Sauerkraut, which while closing this original location, has opened up new branches recently in Irvine and Las Vegas.


We love Earthen but was waiting until they were back open for in person dining. The take out experience was fine but some of our favorite dishes didn’t do well with the drive home.

We had a good pickup experience at Mama Lu’s and they were not crowded for indoor dining.

I notice the last Seafood Village restaurant on Nogales in Rowland Heights is gone. (It never did the name flip like the others a few years ago so presumably had different ownership.). It’s now Chaoyue Seafood but been closed by the health department for 3 weeks.


East Town Fried Chicken has opened in Rowland Heights replacing Uniboil. However if you’re expecting a product like Howlin’ Ray’s or even the fried chicken at Ace Burgers in Alhambra (formerly known as and still the same operation as Tianjin Feng Wei) you will be disappointed. The main attraction is bone-in, stir fried Sichuan chicken. Indeed the Chinese name of the restaurant equates to stir fry, not deep fried


Silverlake Ramen opened in Chino Hills

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Stunning Wagyu House by X-Pot opened late last year in the former Golden Valley location on Gale Ave. and may already be the busiest restaurant in the entire San Gabriel Valley. Also pricey as demonstrated by their $128 lunch combo which serves two.


Do you think it’s worth a visit?

What are the crispy roll things in the 2nd pic?

Fried tofu skin. Depends how much you like hotpot and wagyu. Our lunch with just one small order of wagyu and otherwise non-meat ingredients came out to $60 per person.


Miscellaneous updates. Happy Tree House BBQ replaced M &T Village on Gale in Rowland Heights. Pakwo Kitchen replaced Lobster Hero in the Pacific Plaza food court in Rowland Heights. Happy Valley Village replaced Little Sheep in Hacienda Heights.


Yi Ping Xia replaces Miao Miao Xian Chongqing Wrapped Fish in Rowland Heights. Logo with cat with a fish in his mouth remains, but ownership is different. However cooks are the same.

Gone twice this month. I think it’s the best hot pot experience in LA. Only complaint is a weird one, their servers seem a bit overwhelmed and confused when questions come out of left field (I.e. do you sell hard liquor? What’s your corkage policy? … both things they have and do). But for general hot pot stuff they are very attentive.

Caveat: we sell caviar to the las vegas location, but no bias as I eat a lot of hot pot due to my daughter’s love of it.


Pelicana Chicken opened in the City of Industry in August.

18508 E. Gale Ave Suite B, City of Industry, CA 91748

The Buena Park location got some positive discussion in the Fried Chicken thread.


Pelicana isn’t bad.

It’s crispy and flavorful.

Howlin’ Ray’s is the gold standard for me if you want perfect plain fried chicken.

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Went to Luyu Dumplings the other day. Maybe my new favorite spot to eat in ESGV. My wife demanded next time we see my mom we eat there again

Their noodle texture is bready and bouncy, it tastes familiar but also quite different. Also really liked the Shang Dong egg wrap - soft youtiao with a sesame paste wrapped inside with lettuce in a thin egg pancake (not a green onion pancake with egg, but an egg pancake)

(did a short reels on it)


Luyu is one of the few places with chicken dumplings. And it’s great that you can buy bags of frozen dumplings.


Luyu looks great! Definitely adding it to me to-do list.

Shandong cuisine. I love the all of the carby stuff as that’s what I grew up on with a Shandong granny but there is so much more to Shandong cuisine.

It’s widely considered to be a mother style in the mother of all cuisines (Chinese ofc!). I don’t think we have seen the full potential here in the US. Not in my decades spent in SGV and nothing out in Flushing, Queens or SF.

I guess you can say that about a lot of Chinese, Taiwanese, HK, Singapore/Malay Chinese regional styles and dishes.

But it’s Shandong. I guess a similar comparison would be French to European cooking?

Yeah I would get that Shandong egg pancake/crepe thing (dan bing??)


What are some standard shandong dishes? It seems that dumplings are pretty popular in that region?

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not quite dan bing - since that’s usually a bing with a scrambled egg. This was an carb that had egg folded into it. Really interesting, never had anything like it. Very soft

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Savory Corner in City of Industry. Had Hainan Chicken and Spicy Beef Noodle. Both are very good.