ESGV Updates (Rowland Hts., Hacienda Hts., etc.)

We had mixed feelings about Mountain House in Rowland Heights. We would go back if we’re in the area. We wouldn’t drive there just to eat there.


quite a few people have said this to me. My mom lives kinda close, so might visit next time I visit.

The closest comparison would be Sichuan Impression. We didn’t try enough dishes to say which restaurant has better food. It seems pretty close. But Sichuan Impression offers a better dining experience. Example: we ordered the okra cold dish, followed up on it three times, and gave up on receiving it after over an hour. The table next to us got it immediately. No apology or explanation or anything from the waitress. Service more generally was disjointed.

La zi ji (spicy little chicken pieces) and pea shoots were excellent.

The “green spicy” whole fish dish was bland and not the least bit spicy (though the Mandarin menu doesn’t mention spice). My hypothesis is that a dish like this needs exceptional quality fish, which excludes a “live” tilapia or carp swimming around in a little tank and eating powdered fish food, as fresh as that may be.


Thanks for taking one for the team.


Thank you @chandavkl

Yummy Cafe/Liu and Sun/Shan Lin

Taiwanese bentos @$10.

Mom-n-pop operation.

Rice, soup, 2 veggie sides, and a main.

I am on the opposite side of the county otherwise I’ll be here weekly. Chinese dramas play in the background that is mixed in with the kitchen smells will remind me you of childhood. Menu changes every 2 weeks. Is it the greatest Taiwanese food? No but the comfort, and price makes it a wonderful establishment.


They’re so chill there. As someone that didn’t grow up with this food I also like being able to copy and paste the characters off Facebook into a search so I can see what the specific dish is. I think they only make a dozen or so different specials but I wasn’t familiar with most of them before eating there.


JJ Bakery.

Taiwanese pineapple cakes are suppose to be a gift like macadamia nuts from Hawaii but I eat these to myself lol so good.


You have a favorite so far?

Summer Espresso at Aroma Craft. Think lemon tea but with coffee!

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Supreme Dragon/Mr Dragon is back in the area! Right by LA Fitness/Lemon Ave.

Never been to their location in Rosemead and looking at the Yelp page the owner is a mainlander.

It was good when I was a kid in the 90’s at the HK plaza on Colima. So glad that Yi Mei and Tofu King are still there

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I feel like I’m the only Chinese person that doesn’t go crazy over these. :wink:

Is the macadamia nuts themselves or the Hawaiian Host chocolates w/ macadamia nuts that are the gift?

I saw a box of Hawaiian Host recently at World Market and went totally crazy w/ glee at seeing them. :slight_smile: Bought one for my parents.

Is it the same owner? Or a knock off?

I’m not a huge fan of them either. Just feel obligated to eat it as a Taiwanese :sob::sob:

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Anything with macadamia nuts (at least from my wife’s family) macadamia nuts, macadamia nut pancake mix, chocolate covered macadamia nuts, shortbread cookies with macadamia nuts, etc

Or maybe my wife’s family knows I love macadamia nuts :smiley:


I think the OG owners retired or sold it off. The new owner is not Taiwanese. I am pretty happy with the beef noodles at Corner Beef so no need to go to Mr Dragon imo.

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I can finish a whole tray of pineapple cakes.
I pretty much like all Taiwanese food.

I don’t care for white rabbit and ginger candy.
I don’t love snow fungus dessert I feel like it’s always old people who like that.


Tofu King, Rowland.

Sour plum, stinky tofu and kimchi, braised pork belly rice, and A lettuce.

Now that’s a proper lu rou fan! Sweaty looking marinated egg, pickled greens, chopped belly with meat juices soaking the rice.

I’ll make it a point to visit Taiwan in the next few years.


I don’t know what it says about me, but I could have told you where you were just by the photos alone :grinning:

Yeah, the lu rou fan at Tofu King is tops. My brother is a connoisseur of LRF, and it’s his favorite.


You are a real one!

Have you been to Taiwan?

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