Estate--new place in Santa Monica?

Live nearby and am not sure about this place after looking at Yelp reviews and the menu. Looking for someplace to take a friend for a birthday dinner. As I’ve posted elsewhere, I love Cassia and have been less enthused about other new places in Santa Monica (esp Ingo’s but also Belcampo and Aestus). But I’m scheduled to go to Cassia again soon with another friend so was thinking about where else to go. Also curious about Hinterland (on Main IIRC) and the new place Herringbone, just opened on Ocean Park (or is it Ocean Ave.?)–the Brian Malarkey (is that a real name?) place. But happy, after living for 26 years in Santa Monica, that there are lots of new places finally.

Harringbone is on Ocean Ave. Brian Malakery is a former Top Chef finalist. He has many resturants in the San Diego Area.
I personally did not like Belcampo Santa Monica, very expensive and poor service. I was much happier at Belcampo GCM.
Wexler’s Deli (photo) from GCM is also coming to Santa Monica across from the main Santa Monica Library on Santa Monica Blvd.