Estela Praise

Red Medicine, SSam Bar, Estela - imagine a time machine dropping any of them back twenty, thirty, forty years and you can appreciate how good a time we can have today eating well. Todays resto scene has a few valleys but these places show youngish cooks hitting the mark.
Late to the feast at Estela, but wow what a fine meal. Yes the portions are really truly sure small.

I’m also late to the Estela party, and while I like it a lot, I feel it is undeniably expensive. Some of those $20+ items are still tapas size and dont particularly match the price tag (ribs, dumplings)

The strongest dishes for me were the ribs, steak tartare, and snapper which wasnt on the online menu. Then the burrata and dumplings.

One annoyance was that they sat us in a semi private corner next to a table of 4 with about 2 inch space between us. A rather strange spot without much ambiance.

How much is dinner gonna run, before drinks? PS Ziggy great to see the Z list is up!

Thanks. Took me only a month :wink:

How much is dinner is a tough with this one. I’m guessing somewhere around $50-60 before drink/tax/tip?