Estiatorio Loukà on Canon in Beverly Hills - Anyone Been?

I was wondering if anyone had been to Estiatorio Loukà which opened recently on Canon Drive in Beverly Hills? It’s Greek. My neighbor said it was great, but I am having a hard time believing that great food is to be found within the confines of Beverly Hills. One can always hope.

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Been a couple of times. Food is good. Outstanding Greek Salad, very good octopus and lamb chops. Service also very good. The room is very comfortable with lots of booths. Not to loud. Seems to be attracting an older local crowd.


Prefer over Avra?

My neighbor with whom I have been to Avra says it is much better than Avra. I was not impressed in the least with Avra.

How does the food compare to Papa Cristo’s?

I actually haven’t yet been to Estiatorio Loukà, which was why I was inquiring what people thought. Sounds promising enough to give a try. I live close by and it would be nice, for once, to have a good neighborhood hang.

Sorry, i intended to ask @Thor. Apparently my cursor has a mind of its own.

Its different. Love Papa Cristos but I would say the preparation at Louka is more sophisticated. It is a much nicer ambience.


I’m looking forward to trying this place. As far as ambience, I would hope so. Papa Cristo’s has none. It needs an exterior and interior power wash to start.


Finally made it to the restaurant for lunch. The spanakopita was really good and I also really liked the spanakorizo (sauteed spinach sprinkled with a bit of rice and feta). Lots of spinach today! The grilled sea bass was good, although next time I would probably order it pan-fried because the grilled bass comes with a “latholemono” sauce and I’m just not in love with sauced fish. The fresh mint tea was wonderful. Would love to go with a group to try all the mezze which you just can’t do with two people.

It’s pretty pricey, but that is to be expected for Beverly Hills.

I liked it much better than Avra. To me, the food was just higher quality.