Ettan - upscale Indian in Palo Alto

Anyone been?

There’s been some discussion on HungryOnion about Ettan (and Rooh):

Generally positive reviews, but potentially a bit out of date.

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I assume you mean “Palo Alto?”

Good not great. Reminds me of Rasika and Rasika West End in DC, but I remember them being better — at least five years ago. Good ideas, good spicing, good ingredients, solid but unimpressive execution.

Ettan is better than anything we have in LA and much better than Badmaash (Michelin’s uninspired choice for Indian in LA) IMO.

Michelin’s other Indian choice in the area, Aurum, is about on par. It’s worth trying both.

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Try ROOH (preferably the SF location)

Having tried ROOH and Ettan in Palo Alto, I give the edge to ROOH. Ettan was just okay, and if I’m being honest, underwhelming. I say if you’re looking for gems of Indian restaurants, your best bet is in Sunnyvale. Pav Bhaji Hut in Sunnyvale only has 4 things (all pav bhaji) on their menu and nail them all. I also like Mehak of India in San Jose. None of these are fine dining-adjacent as ROOH and Ettan are, but boy they are some good eatin’.