Euskal elikagaien Los Angelesen?

Basque food in Los Angeles?
Suggestions welcomed!

I haven’t found any Basque restaurants in Los Angeles, but there’s a great place in Chino called Centro Basco. You can order a’la carte in the large back room, and in the front room you get a 4-course pre fixe, including wine for about $25. Here’s the soup with beans I ordered in the back room for lunch a few weeks ago.

It doesn’t look like much, but it’s a LOT of food. I couldn’t finish it. Note the soup tureen holds about 4 bowls of soup. It was a hearty and filling lunch. They also have a delicious Lukinka sausage with pasta, and daily specials including veal pot roast and a half roast chicken.

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Bar Pintxo in Santa Monica is basque-inspired and was founded by Joe Miller.


Ongi etorri! None, as far as I know outside of peoples homes. Etxea Bakery (mostly to restaurants AFAIK) by the former Pioneer boulangerie family is based out of Hawthorne.

“A Basq Kitchen” on the RB Intl Boardwalk is listed on yelp. Never been, haven’t heard any mention of it, and tapas seems to be their main drive.