Everson Royce Bar's New Happy Hour

Pretty self explanatory; going on right now (5-7pm, Mon-Fri). Has valet parking lot, and probably street parking on Mateo, but you might get mugged. Maybe.

Burger and fries (though you can’t see the fries, DUH) and a “Talent Scout”, which was explained to me as the house “barrel aged” take on an old fashioned with combier instead of a sugar cube, which makes it not really an old fashioned, and not really a bourbon sidecar, but whatever:

The Infante is like a … margarita.

Free chips and salsa, plugger, errr. IG post here:

For $10, I’d rather take the double “poverty” burger at Belcampo, eat it there, hit ERB for 2 old fashioneds while looking at all the skinny millenials with tattoos and scarves, if you’re into that sorta thing.


No like.

Much rather go down the street to Bestia. And get the bone marrow eggnog.

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Bone marrow cream is the bacon washed bourbon of 2016.

i am baffled and troubled by egg nog.

i would rather have nine brandy alexanders than one egg nog.

it is extremely likely this says more about me than it does about egg nog or brandy alexanders.

the bullshot revival starts now.

Wait, since when can you get a burger at Belcampo for $10 (let alone the fries)?

Poverty burger=“fast” burger at Belcampo. $5 for single patty, $8 for a ~quarter pound, double patty, smash burger, in the same vein as ERB, but with a lot less bun. Erb’s bun is the size of an Kardashian ass.

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