Everything David Chang Ate In The LA area this weekend, and he likes it

From Eater LA: David Chang likes LA


We certainly do have the strongest Korean scene in the country!

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excellent! that duck bbq place is my spot… the fried rice will eff your mind up


He also said he ate somewhere in Torrance on Monday evening. Something Japanese. Anyone have intel on what it was?

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Korean food in LA kicks ass… No comparison any where else outside Korea.

I know I’m really shallow, but he was eating with Steven Yeun!
#Love #TheWalkingDead

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[quote=“BubblyOne, post:7, topic:2521”]
he was eating with Steven Yeun!
[/quote] :grinning:

Is that David Choe in the background?

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I think I agree with you, with the only caveat that LA really lacks high-end Korean (such as JungSik in NYC). But yeah, in terms of variety, hard to top it.


I predict 2016 will be the new dawn of high end ethnic cuisines for LA.

I hope you’re right, but there are many types of ethnic cuisines that LA lacks in terms of high-end dining. The aforementioned Korean, as well as Indian and Mexican to some extent. Heck, LA even lacks in high end Chinese if you really think about it.

I think when people in LA really want high-end dining, they can just go to Vegas.

Hopefully, keeping my fingers crossed. Although you do see some green shoots i.e. Taco Maria, J.Zhou, DTF’s glendale spot, 28 (never been)…




None of those are high-end.

JZhou is expensive, but at the end of the day it’s just good Hong Kong fare. Grand Harbor can be, and probably is, more expensive, for example.

Taco Maria, nice, inventive and creative Mexican fare. But high-end? No, it’s gussied up gastropub.

Same with 28, and I know Chef Chung. She ain’t doing high-end. Not in the sense that La Chine is in NYC, for example.

DTF? You’re just fucking with me at this point, right?

Think about how crappy DTF was as recently as 5 yrs ago before the remodel in Arcadia. I’m mean seriously did you even have a place in SGV to bring a baller from Asia and not feel totally embarrassed about how crappy the local joints are.

Fast forward 2015, you’ve got Endo, Yazawa… Agree, not there yet on high end but we’re starting to see a shift in that direction… emphasis on tiny little green shoots my friend…

Yes. Sea Harbour or Elite.

Even today, I would be embarrassed to bring a baller from Asia to DTF.

Fuckin NYC seems to be attracting all the higher end joints…

Interior is still crappy like hell and dinner time food not that great.

Reference to DTF was not necessarily foodwise but in terms of not bringing a baller to a hole-in-the-wall. At least its aesthetically pleasing…

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Private banquet rooms.

And ballers have discerning tastes, too. Not just plebs like me.

JZhou is much more high end than Elite or Sea Harbour for dinner. You’ll never get the LA guys to admit it but everything from service to utensils to decor is a notch above. Also the live seafood preps are more unique.

3-5 years ago I proposed on CH that the the epicenter for Chinese cuisine would migrate south and east. Ipse disagreed. Not even the best is always right :wink:

Time will continue to show the southward migration of Chinese cuisine. Especially the high end. Will it ever be as numerous or large as SGV? No. But it will be more top heavy on the high end spectrum and the best will probably end up down here. In some ways, it already is. Even the Sam Woo here is fancier. I’m guessing the first branch of Crystal Jade or Lei Garden will be down here. Not SGV.

I dunno, I’ve been saying it for a while now.

But be that as it may, I think the area that is really ripe for growth isn’t just east, but east east. As in Diamond Bar and eventually Chino. And maybe someday Palm Springs.